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A couple of years ago, when online chatroom services were highly popular and the only means of online social activity, Chatstep was one of the forerunners of online chat services. With its ease of use and highly customised chat guidelines, Chatstep used to be one of the go-to platforms for creating and joining different chatrooms with specific interests.

Today Chatstep is still popular in the countries of the United States and India. And it has been the center of a number of controversies as the platform was used by pedophiles and unlawful users who lured and exchanged child pornography. Because of this, the people behind Chatstep are actively monitoring all chats happening on their site, and are proactively banning abusive users permanently.

Chatstep Member Structure

1,000 from Singapore
Members activity
3,500 active weekly
Gender Proportion
40 %
60 %
  • 7000 daily visitors worldwide
  • Most users are from US, India, UK, and Germany
  • All users hide behind a username
  • Users are able to choose which chatrooms they want to join

Majority of Chatstep Users come from the United States, India, United Kingdom, and Germany. Users that come from India are active in creating chatrooms in any of the 3 available categories. This is evident because of the flag tags seen on the list of available public chatrooms you can join. With the category listed and specific topic of interest of each group made aware right before anyone can enter the chat, users are able to join rooms that are within their liking. Also, because of this, most online users who are inside the chatroom comply with the room’s guidelines and terms of use defined and set out by the chat room moderator.

Inside a chatroom, you are able to see all registered usernames who have joined the chatroom and decided not to leave room from the left sidebar. A circle beside each username indicates if the user is active or offline—green means online, hollow means inactive. But even if you see a couple of online users on the sidebar, not all are actively chatting. Some seem to be just looking around, while some leave the group right after a few minutes of joining. The ability to easily join and leave a chatroom proves to beneficial especially if you decide that you don’t like what’s going on inside the chatroom.


Chatstep Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Chatstep

Chatstep Registration
  • You can sign in anonymously or through an account
  • Basic information is needed to register
  • Email account verification is required to activate the account
  • Only registered users can send media files
  • Anonymous members can join only join public chat rooms

Chatstep lets its users choose if they want to access their chatrooms anonymously or through a registered account. When choosing to browse the website anonymously, you have to pick a chatroom first from the available public chatrooms list. Once you have chosen one, you will decide on a username, and if you want, you could also nominate a password so you could go back anytime to that room. After agreeing to the website’s terms and conditions, you are successfully inside your chosen chatroom. Now, once you want to leave the room, you can just do so by exiting the tab. This would delete your chat message history.

If you choose to register an account, you could do so by providing basic information such as email, username, password, and then answer a captcha. An account verification link would be sent to your email to successfully activate your account. Registered users can create a chatroom and set it to public or private. You also have to manually click the ‘leave room’ button from the chatroom’s menu bar on the left-hand side to permanently pull out from the room.

Making Contact on Chatstep

Chatstep Features
  • There is a chat function
  • There are public and private chatrooms
  • You can send photos to other members
  • Messaging is free for everyone
  • You can create your own chat room

Chatstep is an online chatroom platform that offers three basic features:

Create Room

Creating a room is strictly for registered users. You set the room’s content by ticking if your room is a ‘clean room’ or if explicit and/or adult content will be shared in your room. You will also set the category of your room—that being; ‘Friendly’, which circles on communities, regional, and social interests, ‘Fantasy’ for role-playing and exploration, and lastly, ‘Image’, which is an image-focused chat. Users that create chat rooms are required to write descriptions and set chat room guidelines, which would be made available to any user who wishes to join. If a password is set, only those that you give the password to would be able to access your chatroom.

Join Room

Registered users can join rooms if they know the chatroom name and if there is a set password for the specific chatroom they wish to join.

Public Room

Public rooms are available both for registered users and anonymous users. The only difference is, when you are a registered user, you have to manually leave the room if you wish to be no longer part of it. If you are an anonymous user, closing the tab would automatically exit you from the room.

Chatstep Profile Quality

Chatstep Design
  • You can use the site anonymously
  • There is no profile page
  • There is an avatar page with a few details
  • The avatar page lacks information
  • You can add a profile picture

    Since you can use the site's features without creating an account, most people choose to chat anonymously. However, anonymous users will not be able to edit their avatar pages which can contain a profile picture and username.

    Avatar pages are the closest thing to a profile page that you can find on the site. However, it does not have the information that you would normally see on profiles. These are just pop-up boxes that contain a picture and the username of the member.

    Chatstep Real Life Review

    Apprehensive to sign up an account and give away my email address, I used Chatstep as an anonymous user. I put in my nominated username and out of curiosity, joined a public chat with the name “AuctionRoom”. After clicking the ‘join’ button, I was immediately made aware of what the room was about. Apparently, it was an auction (or more like a chance game), in which users can bid (more like guess) a number. The person who gets the correct number wins a private chat with a woman who willingly puts herself up for auction. Joining the room, the users immediately noticed my username as it was rather girly. They asked if I wanted to be auctioned. I didn’t reply because I got scared. I left the room by closing the tab—being an anonymous user doesn’t have any strings attached, thank God!

    With that experience, I still commend Chatstep for putting disclaimer and easily accessible security features throughout the website. I didn’t jump in the chatroom blindly—I knew what the other users do inside the room. Also, if ever I was offended or abused, I could easily block the user and report the chatroom. That would put the room under review. Having used a couple of free chat platforms, I could say that Chatstep is one of the few that I can feel safe and secured with. Well, that is if I could find a chatroom that matches my interest. - Caroline, 23, University Student

    Chatstep Controversy

    Similar with other free chat platforms, Chatstep also has its share of abusive users and news controversies. Back when Chatstep’s security was not as strict as how it is today, Chatstep was used as a means to acquire and spread pornographic images of children. Such cases were sent to court, and guilty users were convicted. This led to Chatstep updating its security features and terms of usage. Today, all chats are heavily monitored by Chatstep staff and they permanently ban users who do not follow their rules and regulations.

    Chatstep Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Join public and private chatrooms
    • Create chatrooms
    • Share images with other users
    Fee-Based Services
    • All features of Chatstep is free to use.

    Is Chatstep expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Chatstep is free of charge.

    Using Chatstep is completely free.

    Special Features

    Chatstep has the following special features to make your stay even more enjoyable:

    Public chat rooms

    You can join the public chat rooms anonymously, or chat using your account to several people at once. Public chat rooms are available for everyone.

    Private chat rooms

    Have a conversation with a select group of people in these private chat rooms. You can only enter with an invite, so conversations are not usually flooded with strangers.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 3.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of Online Dating for Dummies
    The rise of social media and dating mobile apps has consequently declined the usage of online chatroom platforms such as Chatstep. Though there are still users who use these kinds of chat sites, it is not as popular today as how it was 5 or so years ago. Majority of today’s users—especially those who use social chat apps specifically for dating, prefer to see a profile behind the person they connect with. With today’s society becoming increasingly dangerous, it is hard to trust someone hiding behind a username. But of course, Chatstep has taken preemptive measures to keep their users safe from sexual predators, pedophiles, and other users who use their app for unlawful actions. The people behind Chatstep are actively monitoring all chats to keep these harmful people banned from their website. But of course, it is impossible that their service would always be 100% flawless.If you are interested to see other social and dating apps that might better suit your preference and taste, check out our Casual Dating category.

    Chatstep FAQ


    Is Chatstep safe to use?

    Chatstep has security measures and users are required to adhere to their strict terms of use or else their IP addresses would be permanently banned. The app also has an accessible report button for users with abusive behavior. You can also block a user from messaging you.


    How does Chatstep work?

    By loading Chatstep’s website, you will be asked if you want to log in to your account or chat anonymously. Both would give you the option to choose and join a public chat room to start conversing with other online users inside that room.

    Do I need to have an account to use Chatstep?

    No, you can use the website app without creating an account.

    Can Chatstep work on my mobile?

    Yes, Chatstep works on all mobile browsers.

    Is there video chat available on Chatstep?

    No, Chatstep only has text chat and image sharing.

    Can I chat anonymously on Chatstep?

    Yes, you can hide your identity behind your chosen username.

    How do I leave a chatroom on Chatstep?

    When you choose to chat anonymously, you can leave the chatroom by closing the tab. If you are logged in, you can choose to leave the room through the settings found on the left-hand side of the page.

    I joined a chat on Chatstep and they kept saying ‘RP’. What does it mean?

    RP is a popular acronym used in chatrooms, which means ‘Role Play’.

    Are Chatstep chats saved?

    Chatstep chats are not saved online, but any user who sees the chat and can take screenshots for offline saving.

    How can I send a personal message on Chatstep?

    Sending a private message can be done by typing the username with a colon, and then your message. I.e. (Username: your private message)

    How do I permanently delete my Chatstep account?

    Unfortunately, you cannot delete your Chatstep account, but when you log out and exit chat, all your messages and chatrooms joined will not be saved.


    Why can’t I access Chatstep?

    Your IP address may have been banned from accessing the website.

    How long are Chatstep bans?

    Chatstep bans are permanent.

    How do I reactivate my banned account?

    Unfortunately, banned accounts and IP addresses are permanent. However, you can send an appeal to Chatstep’s customer support email:


    Are Chatstep chats encrypted?

    No, all chatrooms created in Chatstep whether public or private are monitored.

    Can Chatstep track you down?

    Chatstep can trace the location of your IP address.

    Can I be traced by the police when I use Chatstep?

    Similar to other websites and dating apps, authorities can track down your IP address if they want to.

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    Latest Chatstep Experiences

    • S****** 26 years

      time waste site frankly, many Bots/Spammers, even after continuously reported they don't take actions on Bots, and who complaint they ban them simply... , no proper response from them, without warning or proper reason they ban users, when create rooms they don't say anything or objection but Ban suddenly without reason, if that room name is not allowed why allow when creating time? and when room Mods and Admin don't allow few users who disturb others or don't fallow room rules, then these losers complain to Site owner,& they ban room or that room owner simply without warn& reason, they are saying NO to nude& explicit , child porn but actually they are allowing in practical,they don't ban who share pics and GIFs like this , but ban who use room neat& strict to room rules, many non registered users just come &write some vulgar language to Mods and Admins , but when complain to Chatstep, No action on these, they dont ban that type of users,Simply one side ruler type site. no chance for equality& transparency & No response, if they see room name is violation of site rules then how they are allowing at first& they can delete room but they are banning account directly without warn,and improper service, fluctuations , here they mentioned we can use in mobile app but that launched & it failed also, now no mobile app and still here mentioned, no more options like video& audio etc, here no zero option that is why giving 1 star «»

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