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Lisa18 Review September 2020

Lisa18 is a casual dating website for users who want casual, experimental, and erotic encounters. Although it is similar to sister project C-date in many ways, Lisa18 is aimed towards the younger and wilder group. With almost 13 million users, one can see that the newer generation is just as naughty as the mature populace. Lisa18 members desire new sexual experiences to broaden their horizons.

Sign-up Process

  • Registration via personal ad
  • Photos need to be approved first
  • Each step of the registration is accompanied by an erotic photo
  • Create an account in less than 5 minutes

Registration is simple and time-efficient. You are guided through questions and you just click on the provided answers. However, each step of the registration is filled with erotic, uncensored imagery so better be careful about signing up in public. You can choose to blur your profile photo at setup for your privacy and only let chosen members view it later.

Profile Information

  • Information includes erotic type and desired encounters
  • 5 photos represent a user's erotic type
  • Answers to the "question of the day" are displayed
  • There are default thumbnails for those without profile photos
  • Profile information can be edited anytime

The profile information of users are limited; only a few bits of their personality and interests are provided. The highlighted parts are their erotic preferences. 5 photos are chosen from an "erotic gallery" to represent their desires. Default profile photos of beautiful women are given to those without profile pictures, which can be quite misleading.

Contacting Members

  • Messaging is free for all members
  • You can see who's currently online
  • Instant messaging format
  • Include interesting profiles on your "Favourites" list

Contact proposals are sent to you when Lisa18 matches you with another member. The proposal includes information about your match like their gender, age, sexuality, preferences, etc. The message button is provided beside the name of your match for your convenience.

Website Design

The overall design of the website is good and it looks professional. Finding your way around is easy because you are not bombarded by functions that have no order whatsoever. Additionally, there are no ads. There are different colored icons beside profile photos that have different meanings: green means 'now online' and yellow means 'recently online'.

Special Features

Erotic Gallery

Different erotic photos are provided (ranging from walks on the beach to BDSM) and users must select 5 to show their erotic type

Now active: What's new

Shown at the top portion of the website that lets you know the latest activity; including who just registered, who is currently in conversation with another member, who has a birthday, etc.


"I have been on the site for only a week and let me say, the website really does deliver on its branding. The women I've met on this site are mostly here for casual encounters. I love a dating website where the matches and I know exactly what we want from each other. Luckily, the information on the profiles are very straightforward and open, and lets me see the sexual desires of the women even before I've messaged them."

- Musician, 28

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
3 Months17.17 SGD / Month51.52 SGD
6 Months5.92 SGD / Month35.52 SGD
12 Months2.29 SGD / Month27.52 SGD
Free Services
  • Profile creation
  • View contact proposals
  • Receive messages
  • Upload your photo
  • Display the visitors on your profile
  • See list of favourites and likes
Fee based Services
  • Write messages
  • View profiles completely
  • See others' complete erotic gallery
  • See photos
  • Add contacts to Favourites
  • Get unlimited messages and contact proposals
Payment Options
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

By upgrading to a premium membership, you are guaranteed with contact proposals (a.k.a. users matched to you by Lisa18) every time you log in. Depending on the type of membership, the following number of contact proposals are provided:

  • 3-month membership: minimum 5 contact proposals
  • 6-month membership: minimum 15 contact proposals
  • 12-month membership: minimum 30 contact proposals 


The fact that free membership is only available for women is either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how you view it. Disadvantage if you're man because you have to pay, but an advantage as a whole because it would attract more female users. It is a well-known fact that many dating websites are dominated by men, so Lisa18's strategy is clever. It does not help hopeful singles who want to fall in love. If you want no-strings-attached hook-ups, Lisa18 is the website for you.

Lisa18 FAQ


When was Lisa18 created?

Lisa18 was created in 2010 by Interdate S.A.

Is Lisa18 the same as C-date?

No, Lisa18 and C-date are not the same. They are managed by the same company, but they cater to different markets. Lisa18 aims to target a younger audience that still wants to live out their non-committed erotic fantasies.

Does Lisa18 have an app?

Lisa18 is not available in the App Store and Google Play yet.

How can I contact Lisa18?

If you need help, you can email them at service@lisa18.com. For more details, you may visit their website.


Is Lisa18 legit?

Lisa18 requires email verification to ensure that real people are signing up to their website. Even though you might come across some inactive accounts, you won't have a problem with fake profiles or bots.

Is Lisa18 safe?

Lisa18 provides anonymity, discretion, and high levels of privacy for your erotic encounters. As part of its security and policy, Lisa18's services are discreet so you can be as open as you want with your match.


How do I log in to Lisa18?

The login button is on the top right corner of the website's welcome page.

Is there a Lisa18 forum?

There are no member forums available yet.

How many pictures can I upload?

You can I upload up to 5 photos. Each image needs to be reviewed. 

How can I add someone on "My favourites" list?

On his or her profile, look for "Add to favourites" and tick the star icon. You can manage your list by clicking the "My favourites" tab.


How can I delete my account?

First, you have to wait for your subscription to end or cancelled. Then you can request to delete your account by sending an email to privacy@lisa18.com. Your account will be permanently removed from the site.

How can I change my email address?

If you wish to change your current email address on Lisa18, simply go to your profile the "Settings", look for "change e-mail address" and enter your new email address. Same thing with changing your nickname and password.

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