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AlloTalk is a relatively new social and messaging app designed for teens (13 to 19 years old). It is primarily a chat site with fewer functions and features than most social media platforms nowadays, but definitely one with more services than other chat sites of the same kind. It is similar to Omegle, except that you can create a permanent account.

The platform claims to be the safest online chat community for teenagers. However, we found reports indicating that older folks may log in and interact with minors.

Hence, the question now: Is AlloTalk really what it claims to be? Does it provide your teen with a safe online community? 

New members at AlloTalk in May 2022 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at AlloTalk are developing compared to others

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AlloTalk Member Structure

30,000 from Singapore
Members activity
10,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
40 %
60 %
  • There is around 1 million AlloTalk users worldwide
  • Most members are from the United States
  • Male members dominate the site
  • The highest number of members comes from the young adult age bracket
  • Member activity is low

AlloTalk is designed for teenagers. However, there is no guarantee that all of the members are young people. Some data shows that there are adult members in the group. Since the registration process is not strict, those who want to become a member, regardless of their age, can have their own AlloTalk accounts.

With a million members internationally, you'll meet people with different cultures, however, due to low member activity, you need to be patient to find the right time, place, and group to chat.


AlloTalk Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at AlloTalk

AlloTalk Sign Up
  • Only takes less than 30 seconds to register
  • Create an account via Facebook or Twitter
  • You can log in as a member or as a guest
  • No verification process for authenticity check
  • No need to answer long personality tests
  • Guests may also access the features

You need to have a Facebook or Twitter account to be able to register to AlloTalk. Your username and password for these sites will be your username and password for AlloTalk. The site shall also receive your public photo and display it as your AlloTalk profile picture. You can edit or delete such information, nevertheless.

There is no other option to register. You can log in, however, as a guest where you only need to provide a username and check a captcha box. As a guest, you can still edit your profile information and join the different chatrooms. You may as well manage your settings.

The only difference between a member and a guest is that the former can send friend requests to others. Guests do not have the privilege to do so.

Making Contact on AlloTalk

AlloTalk Message
  • There are eight chat rooms you can join
  • You can send a private message to any user
  • Some chat rooms are active; some are not
  • There is a VIP chat room where only VIPs can join
  • Members are keener to join chat rooms than send private messages
  • You may send images, GIFs, videos, and links

There are two ways to communicate to other users: chatrooms and private chat. You can send a private conversation for free, but there is no guarantee that you will receive a reply. It seems like the members are more into getting involved in the chat rooms than doing private communication.

Upon checking the messages in the chatroom, we saw that there are no foul conversations. There are some who uses words such as sh*t, as*hole, and f*ck, but they really aren't that rude. They only use such words as an expression. The teenagers seem to be well-behaved.

The Chat Rooms

Unlike other chat sites that offer hundreds of chat rooms, AlloTalk only offers eight. They are:

Teen Room

The Teen Room is the general chat room where anyone can join. Teenagers here usually talk about random topics, such as things they have experienced for the day.

Flirt Room

This is the chat room for those who are looking for either a serious date or a quick fling. The moderators claim that this room is highly monitored.

LGBT+ Teens

AlloTalk welcomes teenagers of all colours. They have a special room for teens who are part of the LGBT+ community. Most users here talk about their feelings.

Staff Room

The Staff Room is solely for moderators. As a user, you may not enter this chatroom even if you are a VIP.

Quiz Room

You can enter this chat room to play and earn points. A bot called Quizbot asks a question and whoever gets the right answer shall earn a specific amount of points. There is no indication, however, what the points are for.

Gay Teen

This room is primarily for gay teens who want to find a community where they can feel that they belong. However, it's a bit inactive compared to the other rooms. It seems like the members are more likely to join the LGBT+ Teens chatroom.

Lesbian Teen

The Lesbian Teen chatroom is for teenage girls who identify themselves as a member of the third gender. However, just like the Gay Teen chatroom, it seems like the members are more fond of joining the LGBT+ Teens chatroom.

VIP Chat

This is the chatroom for those who availed of the VIP Membership. You may not merely enter the room unless you pay for the fee.

AlloTalk Profile Quality

AlloTalk Female Profile View
  • Profiles of male users are not that detailed
  • Female users fill out their profiles completely
  • Profiles show if a member is a guest, a user, or a VIP
  • You can see the last login date of the profile owner
  • Most members post a photo of themselves

    Your profile consists of the following information:

    1. About Me – where your age, gender, and country are displayed. There is also a box where you can write something about yourself.
    2. Friends List – gives you the complete list of the members who have added you or you have added as a friend.
    3. Ignore List – gives you the complete list of the members you chose to ignore.
    4. Options – where you can utilise your settings, including your language, set your timezone, modify your sounds, set your private chat options, arrange your theme, and add a username colour.
    5. More – where you can edit your email, change your password, or delete your account.

    If you check, however, another member's profile, these are the only ones you will see:

    1. About me – where their age, gender, and country are displayed. You will also see their description of themselves.
    2. Friends List – where you can see the complete list of friends of the profile owner. 
    3. Info – where you can see when that member last logged in, the language he/she speaks, his/her timezone, and the theme he/she is using.
    4. Add Friend – the button you need to click if you want to add him/her as a friend.
    5. Ignore – the button you need to click if you want to ignore that person (so he/she won't bother you anymore).

    Going over the profiles of most members, we noticed that the male teens don't usually complete their profiles. They only indicate the necessary information about themselves – nothing more, nothing less. The girls, on the contrary, are very open. They obediently fill out the about me box, sharing what they like and hate.

    AlloTalk App

    AlloTalk App
    • App version looks clean as it is compactly arranged
    • Has a friendly user interface with smooth navigation
    • Images, GIFs, videos, and links load quickly
    • Available in Google Play Store
    • Has an APK version

    AlloTalk seems to have given so much importance to their mobile application. We can say that the app is far more convenient to use than the full website. You can use the platform anytime, anywhere, at ease.

    If you check the customer reviews on Google Play, you will see that there are a lot of reviewers who have given it a positive rating. They also say that they like it better than the website version. However, there are still those who feel like the app could use some improvements.

    AlloTalk Real Life Review

    "I am a parent of two kids. One is a teenager who is already 15. I found her once smiling while using her mobile phone so I simply sneaked out behind her and checked what she was doing. I saw that she's using this AlloTalk chat site. Later that evening, I did my research about the app. I tried to log in using a fake Facebook account. First thing I thought: lax security. But when I tried to "disguise" as a teen and "mingled" with the other teenagers, they all seem to be kind and gentle. I had no rude or awkward encounters. There were no indecent proposals. They are all just kids talking about growing up. So I just talked to my kid and told her to be careful when joining anything that the internet can offer. It's okay to join chat sites, I said. But be careful and always tell me if you sense that something is going off. She just smiled and told me, "Thanks, mom! I really appreciate that." I felt happy and somehow relieved. Talking to her was a good thing. I actually learned that technique from AlloTalk's blogs." 

    - Martha, 42

    Kids nowadays are very dependent on technology. But it's not all the time that I can watch over my kids in whatever they are doing with their phones. But I realized, it's one good way to help my children be responsible of themselves. They actually look after each other in AlloTalk. Once in a while I check their messaging history, so far everything is good.

    -John. 40

    Design and Usability

    Since AlloTalk is designed for teens, it is expected that the interface and features are modern. The colors and design are modern and less conservative.

    The app version is convenient to use, however, it's only available for android phones. Thus., iPhone users cannot enjoy the app.

    In terms of loading time, both the site and app versions load fast. 

    AlloTalk Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Create an account
    • Join chatrooms
    • Send private messages
    • Use of all features
    Fee-Based Services
    • Change your username
    • Be on top of the user list
    • Change text colours
    • Apply for a Mod skin

    Is AlloTalk expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers AlloTalk is low-priced.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    VIP Membership
    Prices are in USD
    1 Month5.00 USD / Month5.00 USD
    3 Months3.33 USD / Month10.00 USD
    12 Months1.25 USD / Month15.00 USD
    AlloTalk SG
    Payment Options
    • PayPal

    Although AlloTalk is entirely free, it still has a VIP membership to offer. The Lifetime VIP Membership is a one-time payment of USD 19. As such, there is no need to worry about a recurring bill.

    • Lifetime VIP Membership: One-time payment of USD 19.

    This membership allows you to access additional features that are not available to regular members. If you avail of it, your profile will display that you are a VIP.

    Special Features

    AlloTalk is not your ordinary, plain, anonymous chat site. It offers other special features that can make your online chatting experience more exciting.

    Friends Wall

    This feature works like your Facebook news feed and status update. Other users may like, dislike, or comment on your status. You may also delete your post if you feel like it.


    This portion consists of all news from the administrators. The site aims to keep everyone updated about any change they make.

    Contact Us

    Clicking this link leads to a contact form. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, you can use it to reach out to the administrators.


    The Search feature allows you to look for other members based on username, gender, activity, and rank. You can also search for the newest and most active members.

    Quiz Scores

    You can find here the list of the top 100 scorers in the Quiz Room. If you want to be included in the list, you need to earn points and make sure to beat other users' score.


    The Help button serves as your aid in navigating the platform. It teaches you how to edit your profile, send a private message, accept or add friends, join rooms, and use chat commands. 


    You cannot find this once you're logged in. It is located at the bottom part of the homepage, beside the Terms of Use link. The Blog is where you can read posts by the administrators during your spare time.

    Messaging Features

    AlloTalk's main audiences are teenagers. Thus, its messaging features are comparable to that of Friendster when it was at its peak. When sending a message via chatroom, you can do the following:

    • Change the colour of your text font
    • Send files and images
    • Send smileys and GIFs
    • Send a video or a YouTube link

    KIIS FM Radio Station

    Embedded in the full site is a radio station called KIIS FM. While browsing through the other features or simply chatting with everyone in the chatroom, you can listen to it and sing along with the songs.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.5 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    App: 3.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Teenage years is probably the most challenging yet most exciting period in anyone's life. It is the stage where you start experiencing various changes – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is where you start to become curious about life and all it has to offer.However, it is also the period where you become sexually-aware. Thus, if your actions lack enough adult supervision and guidance, chances are, you might end up going the wrong way towards adulthood.Relatively, AlloTalk aims to be the good cop that can help you travel the road using the brighter path. It seems to be a good chat site for teenagers looking for a community where they feel like they belong. As a plus, it has lots of unique features that other chat sites do not offer.The only downside, probably, would be its lax security. Our research shows that anyone can indeed join the site. There is no process to verify the real age of users attempting to enter. Nevertheless, the security measure that can surely combat this is the cautiousness of a real teenage user and that of his/her parents.AlloTalk is purely a social messaging app. It might suit your taste if you are not into dating or anything similar to that. However, if you are looking for one that might land you to "teenage love," you might want to check dating apps  where dating is the real game.

    AlloTalk FAQ


    What is AlloTalk?

    AlloTalk is a free social and messaging app for teens. It functions mainly as a chat site with eight different chatrooms.

    How can I contact AlloTalk's moderators?

    You can contact the site's moderators by sending a message at

    Is AlloTalk legit?

    Yes, the chat site is a legitimate platform with legitimate members.

    Is AlloTalk safe?

    AlloTalk claims to be a safe website. However, reports are saying that adult members are lurking around the chatrooms.

    Is AlloTalk free?

    Yes, the site is entirely free to use.


    Does AlloTalk have a mobile app?

    Yes, it has a mobile app, but it is only available on the Google Play Store.

    Can I download AlloTalk using my Android smartphone?

    Yes, you may download the app using any Android smartphone. It is not, however, downloadable using an Apple product.


    Can I delete my AlloTalk profile?

    Yes, you may delete your profile. Just click your photo located at the top right portion of any page, then choose "My Profile." After that, click "More" then "Delete Account."

    Note that you have to provide your password to be able to delete your account. Likewise, you need to wait for seven days before it can entirely disappear.

    Is my AlloTalk account protected?

    The moderators claim that all accounts are protected at all times. However, this is not a complete assurance that you are free from any unwanted frauds and scammers. It's best to still keep an eye on any of your encounters.

    Can I report a suspicious user on AlloTalk?

    No, you may not report a suspicious account. However, you can always ignore the person by clicking the "Ignore" button when you visit his/her profile.

    Will AlloTalk post on my Facebook/Twitter account?

    No, the site will not post anything on your Facebook/Twitter account. It will only have your details (e.g., email and username).


    Can I upload a photo on AlloTalk?

    Yes. However, you may upload only one photo that will serve as your display image.

    How can I edit my AlloTalk profile?

    Just click your photo located at the top right portion of the page and then select "My Profile."

    Privacy and Terms

    Does AlloTalk have a privacy policy?

    Yes, the website has a privacy policy. You can find its link at the bottom of the home page.

    What are AlloTalk's terms and conditions?

    Yes, the website has a list of their terms and conditions. You can find the link at the bottom of the home page as well.

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