Best 50+ Dating Sites 2022 in Singapore

Members 100,000
Gender proportion

49 %
51 %
  • Matchmaking site for singles in their prime (40+ years old)
  • Scientific personality test
  • Good balance between gender of members
  • 41% success rate
  • Premium membership required for messaging

Members 1,000
Gender proportion

57 %
43 %
  • Dating site uses an algorithm based on personality test for optimal matchmaking
  • There are no fake profiles
  • All essential contacting features are exclusive for premium-paying members
  • Premium membership is expensive
  • Majority of members have their profile pictures blurred

Members 9,000
Gender proportion

44 %
56 %
  • Dating site for mature singles looking to date and fall in love
  • Messaging is a premium feature
  • Offers an affordable 3-day Trial
  • Has a few communication features
  • Reports claim there are numerous bogus accounts
  • Utilises “Safe Mode” for extra security
  • Gender is quite diverse

50+ Singles and Online-Dating - is it a match?

The current trend of this generation is that everything can be found online. And that includes finding a romantic partner even if you are already in the prime years of your life. So if you are single and over 50, it’s really not too late to find your one great love at these later years.

Here at DatingScout, we compare different dating sites that are available for you to join. We do full in-depth reviews which you can quickly browse through. We also help our readers, that includes you, to figure out which dating site is best for what it is that you are looking for. You can think of us as your personal dating counsel, guiding your way to a happy relationship.

Benefits of Online Dating for 50+ Singles

The number of singles in the 50 to 64 age group is rising. In fact, over the next decade, it will reach its biggest growth segment of 30%. Simultaneously, the stigma of using online dating sites are lowering year by year. And as a result, the usage of online dating sites are increasing. There are several benefits of online dating for singles over 50. Here are some examples:

over50 couple

You can meet more people within your age range.

Dating sites that are especially for over 50 dating have concentrated member bases when it comes to the age range. Thus, there is more opportunity for meeting people around your age through these online dating platforms, than in any other place.

Plus, the people you meet through these platforms are probably looking for the same thing as you, so the awkward stage of figuring out what a person wants is skipped.

You control the pace of getting to know someone.

In online dating, there is no pressure into going on actual dates to get to know the other person. Instead, you get to decide when you can move from sending messages to phone conversations, then eventually to meeting in real life.

You add excitement back to your life.

Yes, dating is exciting, but online dating is even more exciting! Imagine getting several emails from different suitors at different times of the day! Even if you’re not interested in getting in a relationship with any of them, you still get a daily confidence boost!

But of course, getting compliments don’t just happen in an instance. It takes a bit of work, which we will tell you in the next section of this page.

Online Dating Tips for 50+ Singles

1. Choose a profile photo that highlights your best features. Your profile photo is your overall image representative on the dating site. Use one where there is good lighting, and you have a good, inviting smile. It is best to upload 4 to 5 pictures on your photo gallery to show different sides of your personality.

2. Take the time to write a decent profile. What the profile photo attracts, the profile information keeps. Fill out your profile with honesty and enthusiasm, but don’t put everything on your profile to give leeway to others who want to get to know you better personally.

over50 female

3. Carefully think before you post or respond. You have to be careful about how you react to strangers who message you. Gauge his or her personality and the level of your closeness first before you fully open yourself up to the person.

over50 coffee

4. Start with coffee. When you schedule a meeting with someone, you met online, always have it in a public place. A coffee shop would be a nice, neutral first date. You should also let somebody you are close with (e.g. a family member or a friend) know where you are. This is just, so someone you know knows where you are when something goes unplanned.

5. Always safety first. Never give out your personal information such as address, ID numbers, and most of all credit card numbers and security codes to people you meet online! Some scammers lurk in the online space, waiting to prey on their next naive victim! Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of Online Dating for Dummies
Chris founded Datingscout 13 years ago, and today he is one of the leading Online Dating Experts. He is the co-author of Online Dating for Dummies and the author of the Internet's largest online dating study analyzing 20 Million Profile Pictures with artificial intelligence.


What is over 50 dating?

Over 50 dating, as the name implies, is dating for people who are 50 years old and above. Usually, people involved in over 50 dating are widows/widowers or divorced. You may also find some who are single.

What is the best dating site for over 50?

We have ranked the top Over 50 dating sites today. You may check them on the category table at the top of this page.

How to write a dating profile for over 50?

If you are writing a dating profile for an over 50 site, make sure that you are honest and sincere. People who join this site are looking for real companionship.

Is OurTime better for over 50 dating compared to other sites?

OurTime is a good dating site for over50. It is one of the safest sites for seniors looking for a date based on the reviews and data available. However, you may also check out other sites and compare their best features at the top of this page. You may also click the link to our in-depth reviews for each site.

What to expect dating a man over 50?

Dating a man who is over 50 can be similar and different at the same time when dating younger men. So don't limit your ideas about them because of their age, because there is more to them than that.

What are some tips for dating over 50?

When you are dating over 50, make sure to post the best photo of yourself. However, still make sure that it is realistic and recent. You should also compose a decent profile, think about your connections, be safe, and of course, start slow.

Is dating over 50 acceptable?

Yes. Today, you can date even if you are over 50 years old. Either you are single from the start, a widow/ widower, a divorcee, you will not be judged anymore by most people if you decide to meet other people.

Are there rules in dating over 50?

There's no established rule in dating over 50, but it's safe to say that you should date responsibly. If you are not up for a serious relationship and long-term commitments, you may try other Casual Dating Sites instead.

Does over 50 dating involves hookups?

Anything can happen when you date. But most over 50 dating set-ups are more into serious relationships than casual hookups.

What is SilverSingles?

SilverSingles is a senior-friendly dating site for over 50 members. Most of its features are paid, but it has a lot of good online reviews. You may also check other Over 50 dating sites available today. You'll find the top three on the category table at the top of this page.

What is Singles50?

Singles50 is a dating site which uses a scientific personality test to match its senior members. If you are not into answering personality tests, you may check out other Over 50 dating site above.

What is SeniorMatch?

SeniorMatch is a dating site for over 50 people looking for companions, friends, travel buddies, and partners. It is not only for dating, but it aims to let over 50 people experience fun and adventure without being alone.

What is SeniorPeopleMeet?

SeniorPeopleMeet is a dating site for seniors that merged with OurTime. It is also another dating site that aims to let seniors meet other seniors to build a long-term relationship.

Does Zoosk have Senior dating?

Zoosk is not an exclusive Senior dating site. It caters to members of all ages. However, it is popular for people over 50 because of its easy to use interface and exciting features.

Is SeniorSizzle legit?

Senior Sizzle is a dating site for seniors over 50 who are looking for companions and at the same time, intimacy. You may check other Over 50 dating sites on the comparison table above if you are more into companionship dating and not the physical fun.