Best Dating Sites 2023 in Singapore

Members 10,000
Gender proportion

50 %
50 %
  • Foreign dating and personals site for singles around the world
  • One of the largest and most popular foreign dating platforms
  • Registration is quick and easy
  • Membership base is diverse
  • Suspicious user accounts are easily detected
  • App not available on iOS but has a mobile browser version

Members 180,000
Gender proportion

50 %
50 %
  • Dating site mainly for singles from Singapore but also welcomes members from other parts of the world
  • A brain child of Cupid Media, which is one of the world's leading dating-site providers
  • Premium membership isn't expensive compared to other dating sites under the same niche
  • Website is too simple and doesn't have games or other fun features you can enjoy
  • You might not get results if you're too specific with your preferences
  • Mobile app is not available on iTunes, only on Google Play for Android smartphones

Members 12,000
Gender proportion

49 %
51 %
  • Dating site for intellectuals and academics looking for like-minded singles
  • Extensive personality test for scientific matching system
  • 12,000 members in Singapore
  • Ad-free experience
  • Only premium members can read and send unlimited messages
  • Difficult process of terminating premium subscription

Finding Love From Online Dating Sites

In our times today, singles have the option to finding love online. The rise of online dating sites has made it possible for anyone to find someone they can connect with. Through the last decade, modern culture whole-heartedly accepted that it is possible to have a relationship with someone you meet online.  This has led to the creation of more or less 8,000 dating sites catering to every preference, niche, religion, race, and sexual orientation. Users of dating sites are reported to be over 70 million.

Lots of dating sites and couples can attest to this—with hundreds of success stories of couples meeting online, being published every single day. Yes, you heard that right—there are couples who are in a serious relationship, some even married, who met through an online dating site.

Yet, of course, not all of these dating sites thrive in the online dating scene, ergo not all are worth really signing upon. With all these dating sites available, how would you know which ones to create a profile with? That’s where DatingScout comes in.

DatingScout is here to help you assess and choose which dating sites will give you exactly what you are looking for. We will help you choose the perfect dating sites for you!

How Do Dating Sites Work?

How dating sites work

Online dating sites have proven time and time again that they are able to connect singles with their rightful match. They provide a quicker way for people to meet and form relationships. Especially now that most dating sites have large member bases, which they disclose upon your sign up. The possibility of you meeting the right person from an online dating site is really high. You’ll never know, maybe your next date could just be around the corner! All you need to do is sign up, build a profile, then browse and connect with your match recommendations.

Common Perceptions and Stereotypes About Dating Sites

Many people think of different prejudice when it comes to online dating sites. Let's find out if some of these preconceived notions are true:

  • “Dating sites are something that people go on to get laid”

There are different types of dating sites that cater to every kind of relationship one is looking for. Casual encounter dating sites is just one of those types.

  • “Dating sites are for lonely nerds”

You can find every type of person in a dating site. Different types of people, in every age, gender, and profession use online dating sites.

  • “Meeting face to face is a must to determine chemistry”

You can actually see if you connect in an intellectual level through a dating site. Why? Because you get to have conversations first! Then when you know you have that connection, you can ensure the chemistry by agreeing to meet!

  • "It’s not possible to meet my ideal person through a dating site. It’s just impossible!”

You'll find the dating sites that cater to matchmaking, helping you connect with your ideal match for a serious relationship. It is possible—there are many success stories to back it up.

  • "You just waste your time meeting a lot of people to no avail in the end”

 People who are in dating sites are also looking for what you’re looking for. If you’re a true match, getting to know someone could possibly lead you to a good relationship. You also get to form new friendships and meet interesting people along your journey of finding the one.

Personality Tests and Ideal Match Preferences

There are two ways of how dating sites provide you with match recommendations. 

The first is based on your answers from the site’s personality test. Not all dating sites have these tests, but when they do, they analyse your answers to provide you with your best matches. These matches are based on calculating compatibility percentages from the answers of other members of the dating site.

The second way dating sites suggest match profiles is through the filters and preferences you set. Some dating sites ask you about your ideal match; thus, it suggests you with profiles that fall under your type. If they don’t, you are allowed to set search filters when browsing profiles on the dating site.

Why dating sites are good for finding love

Why Online Dating Sites Are Good For Finding Love

Online dating has many benefits. Unlike meeting and getting to know strangers from actual places and gatherings, through online dating sites, you have control over what you share. You also get to show your best traits and personality on your online dating profile. No pressure on looking good all the time when you try to score a date in a public place.

Another benefit of online dating is your match recommendations are highly tailored for you. Match suggestions are personality-based or the ideal matches you set through the different filters available.

Moreover, online dating opens up a larger pool of potential partners for you. There are thousands of new people to meet in your city. Reliable and reputable dating sites have a proven track record that their dating platform and matching algorithm work with regard to matching singles. Here are some of them:

Want to find your ideal match?Find my rightful match

The Different Types of Dating Sites

The term ‘dating sites’ is very broad and can actually be classified into different types. To give you an overview, here are the basic types of dating sites:

  • Regular Dating Sites - regular dating sites are platforms that provide a lot of contracting features for singles to find a date. Anyone can join a regular dating site, which is why most regular dating sites have members that reach up to millions. You can find almost any type of person in a regular dating site.
  • Dating Apps - dating apps are made for users who prefer to use their mobile phones when finding and connecting with a match. Most dating apps are location-based to easier find matches within your vicinity.
  • Dating Sites for Serious Relationships (Online Matchmakers) - this kind is where you can find your rightful match. You will be presented with daily match recommendations and will be encouraged to get to know them in the hopes of successfully matching you with the right person.
  • Dating Sites for Casual Encounters - casual dating sites are those that provide a platform where people who are looking into having a one night stand or a casual encounter can find a partner. Members of these sites are straightforward into saying who and what kind of encounter they are looking for.
  • Dating Sites for Over50s - senior dating sites are made for singles over 50 years old who are looking into seeking their true love or finding love again. These sites are highly user-friendly and usually have great customer support for assistance.
  • Ethnic Dating Sites - these sites are tailored for people who are looking into dating a specific ethnicity. They are useful if you want to get to know people from a certain ethnicity in your own area. It doesn’t matter if your ethnic preference is halfway across the world, ethnic dating sites usually have features that allow you to have secured voice calls even with matches who are miles away.
  • Adult Dating Sites - these are the sites that show explicit content on their website. These sites offer features where members can find pleasure, even without finding a physical partner to be with.
  • Niche Dating Sites - these sites are those that offer a specific type of partner preference. It can be for example, be based on religion, race, or similar tastes such as in music or peculiar interests such as Vegan, Goths, and Nudists.

Take note that these different types can be further categorised into more specific kinds of dating sites.

What to Expect When Joining a Dating Site

As mentioned earlier, online dating sites are so popular nowadays that a lot of people, regardless of age and gender, who are seeking dates and relationships use them. With this, you can expect that you really can find someone through an online dating site.

Dates and relationships

Dates and Relationships

  • Can I really find a date through an online dating site?

Online dating can be a fun journey for singles who are looking for a date that can eventually lead to a relationship.  Once you’ve chosen the right dating site for you and created a profile, match recommendations will swarm up on your screen. Isn’t the thought of the possibility that one of those recommendations can actually be the one who you’re looking for exciting?

  • Do I need to do anything to find a date from an online dating site?

You still need to fill out your profile and make it interesting—that’s how you attract dates. You also need to make contact with other members and carry a conversation. Dating sites are platforms where you can meet other people, but it’s still up to you to build the relationship. Not to worry, users of online dating sites are looking for the same thing you’re looking for.

Users of online dating sites

  • Who uses online dating sites?

A large part of the membership base of most dating sites are singles between the ages of 25 to 34. Nevertheless, other age groups are present too. No matter how old you are, you can still find your rightful match that is within your age group in any dating site.

All kinds of people from different professions use dating sites as well. You can find academics, businesspeople, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, students, all kinds of jobs. Most users indicate in their profile what they do for a living.

If you are after a certain kind of person, niche dating sites provide a very tailored member base depending on what niche they are catering to.

  • Gender proportion in online dating sites 

You can find individuals in all genders from different dating sites. And, it is a fact though that there are more male users who use them. Most dating sites have more male members, yet there are also sites that have even gender proportions.

This is good for women as there are more men to choose from! While as for men, although the competition can be quite strong, for sure you’ll still get to meet someone—most especially if you bring your A-game!

Tips for Dating Site Users

If it’s your first time trying out online dating or just want to refresh on what you already know about it, DatingScout has compiled some tips for you to make your online dating journey fun, easy, and exciting.

1. Try different dating sites to find out which one works best for you

Dating sites come in different categories. If you’re still unsure about which type of relationship and experience you want to have, why not try out different brands and types to determine which one makes your heart flutter and excited? Signing up is free so you really have nothing to lose here!

You can browse our reviews from our different categories and choose which dating sites you’d like to try out. We can help you choose a dating site that is safe, genuine, and trustworthy. Our reviews are honest, thorough, and complete from the sign-up process up to the membership cost.

Don't know where to start? Allow us to help.Find the right dating site for me

Thoroughly complete your profile

After signing up on your chosen dating site/s, the next thing to do is to build your profile. There are two sections you must not leave empty:

  • Profile Picture - photos are important for getting likes and matches. Let’s face it, looks are the first thing that other individuals notice and get attracted to. Some dating sites don’t require (but highly encourage) that their members upload one. 

Tip # 1: If you’re after something from a dating site, it’s really best to have at least one picture in your gallery. The more pictures you upload, the higher the chance that you’ll receive messages simply because they know that you are a real person.

Tip # 2: Choose a profile photo that highlights the best angle of your face—one where you feel most confident and beautiful. Don’t use a photo that is photoshopped, moreover a photo that is not yours! 

Tip # 3: Upload photos of yourself doing something that you’re passionate about. This could help show your personality, which other users can gauge if you’re within the same wavelength as them. Also, When it shows that you love what you are doing, people naturally get attracted to you. 

  • Profile Information - what the appearance attracts, the personality retains. Once you’ve captured the attention of another member, the next thing he or she will check is if you have similar interests. 

Tip # 1: Fill your profile with interesting and honest answers. Highlight your personality through words—these could be good conversation starters.

Tip # 2: Most dating sites allow users to indicate what exactly it is they’re looking for, whether it’s the type of relationship or the traits they are looking for in a match. Fill this one out as it can save time when interacting with users.

Tip # 3: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself!

Making contact

Making contact

It’s best to interact with profiles that have at least two photos or substantially-written profile information. These profiles show that the user is serious in using the dating site. If his or her photo gallery and profile is filled with great content, you can definitely expect that the user is real and genuine. People who don’t give the time of day to make their profile stand out are there to lurk, observe, or go with whatever happens.

Tip # 1: Inauthentic Profiles

Don’t interact with profiles that use celebrity or stock photos. Most dating sites ban users who use such, but some dating sites don’t really care about profile authenticity. 

Tip # 2: Check last login

If available, check the user’s last login details. Some dating sites even show if the member is currently online.

Tip # 3: Search function and Favourites list

Use the search function to find interesting profiles and if you’re not ready to interact yet, you could save the profile on your Favourites list. Most dating sites have this function.

4. Gauge your online connection with your matches

You can sense if you have a budding connection with some of your matches through conversation. At the first message exchanges, you would know if the person is someone you’re comfortable talking to. 

Tip # 1: Have a conversation.

Ask questions, exchange stories, swap photos, find social media proof for profile authenticity. 

Tip # 2: Don’t wait too long to meet up face-to-face

It’s best to not wait too long before meeting someone face-to-face to avoid disappointments and wasting time getting to know someone online you don’t have chemistry with physically. So set a date! When you feel like there's connection, don't hesitate too long.

Tip # 3: Be clear on intentions

Before deciding to meet up, you have to set some expectations like what is the reason for your meet-up. It could be hard when you’re both on a different page (i.e. one thinks it’s a serious date, while one wants just a casual encounter).

5. Have your date in a public place

First date ideas

For first meetings, agree to have it in a public place—may be a park, a coffee shop, or somewhere where there are a lot of other people. Even if you think you’ve gotten to know the other person through exchanged messages, meeting face-to-face is different. Why? Because you can never be 100% sure that they will keep up with your expectations, and you would want to find out their intentions before letting them into your home or theirs. 

First Dates can be nerve-wracking but they also bring a lot of excitement! You don’t really have to plan anything big. If you need first date ideas, we got you covered! Also, first impressions matter so be sure to make a good first impression!

6. Be wary of scam signs

There are users who like to scam other members. So number one rule when meeting someone online is to never disclose any of your personal information such as your address, password to anything, and most importantly, your credit card details. When someone asks you for these details, it means that he or she is only after your money.

Scam Dating Sites

There are also dating sites that are built to scam their members. They entice you with bait messages and other contacting features that are locked for premium members. For instance, just after you’ve signed up for a dating site, even without a profile picture, you already get a couple of likes and messages in under an hour. But of course, you would have to pay in order to see them or reply to the members who’ve sent you messages. 

A high number of likes and an inbox that is booming with messages in under 24 hours are typically indicators that the particular dating site is a scam site.

7. Flirt and have fun

Online dating sites make it exciting to meet new people. Go send a like and message someone you find really attractive. What’s great about online dating is that you really have nothing to lose when you level up your flirt game. Using dating sites allows you to be confident and flirtatious, without the burden of keeping up with everyone you flirt with.

If you’re not interested or you’ve lost interest, you can simply tell the truth about your feelings! The distance makes it easier to be honest. Just let loose and have fun!

Are Premium Memberships Worth It?

Some dating sites, especially those for seeking serious relationships completely restrict all their contacting features to premium members only. The reason for this is that they want all their members to be real and also to promote genuine interactions amongst their members.

Premium Membership Benefits

Getting premium membership allows you to access features that are exclusive for premium-paying members. Most dating sites, especially reputable ones, usually make productive features exclusive for premium subscribers. So if you really want to get something out of a dating site, it’s really best to avail a premium membership.

Although some dating sites have an expensive premium membership, you must remember that the higher the premium membership fee is, the more authentic profiles there are on the dating site. Normally, dating sites that have steep pricing, have guarantees that you will find your perfect match within a certain time or they will give your money back or another membership package for free.

Premium membership offered in dating sites allows for safer online dating because not just anyone can send you messages. You can expect that you won’t get unsolicited and scam requests. 

If you are serious in looking into finding love through an online dating site, a premium membership subscription would make wonders for you. With the flexibility of choosing the duration of your subscription, you wouldn’t need to commit too much time and money to one dating site. You have the freedom to control how much you want to invest in finding the love of your life.

How much is a premium membership?

The cost of having a premium membership also differs for each dating site brand. What they have in common is that their premium subscriptions are offered in different duration packages. 

Dating sites usually offer 1, 3, 6, and 12-month packages. With discounts getting bigger the longer the premium subscription is. Some sites have a 1-week offer to further provide their members with the flexibility to withdraw from the dating site if it turns out that the particular site is not really for them. This allows members to not fully commit to a member’s full price.

Final Words

Online dating comes with a lot of perks and benefits, and it can bring you good things if you know where to look and how to maximise your chosen the dating sites’ features. The internet has made it possible for the online dating scene to thrive and connect individuals from all over the world. Which is why dating sites is slowly becoming the norm when people want to meet new people, make new friends, or find a romantic partner. Browse our wide range of dating sites reviews and find the perfect dating site for you! Good luck! Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
Chris founded Datingscout 14 years ago, and today he is one of the leading Online Dating Experts. He is the author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies" and the author of the Internet's largest online dating study analyzing 20 Million Profile Pictures with artificial intelligence. Chris Pleines holds a master degree in media science and appeared in numerous television interviews and publications to give expert advice as well as tips about online dating.