Best Muslim Dating Sites 2024 in Singapore

Members 181,000
Gender proportion

50 %
50 %
  • Many Muslim singles looking for a marriage-minded Muslim partner
  • Personality survey for highly compatible matches
  • Profiles are verified by Customer Care
  • Limited functionality without a paid membership
  • 82% of the members are university educated
  • Over 90% of members aged 30+

Members 1,000
Gender proportion

40 %
60 %
  • Dating site for Muslim singles
  • Very detailed profile information
  • Matching is based on personal matching criteria
  • Strict verification system ensures all users are legitimate
  • App available only on Google Play at the moment

Members 55,000
Gender proportion

53 %
47 %
  • Many Muslim singles looking for their rightful match
  • Matching methods are quite precise and specific
  • Claims to have millions of members worldwide
  • Premium accounts have better access to user profiles
  • Design is quite simple and easy to navigate

Do you recall any of these gloomy thoughts?

What if

  • ... I can’t find anyone of the same faith?
  • ... he is not as supporting and clever like other Muslim men are?
  • ... she is not the type of a Muslim woman I would like to marry one day?
  • ... my future partner doesn’t share the same values and beliefs I have?
  • ... my last hope will be dating the pre-approved match of my parents?
  • ... I look outside of Muslim dating, eventually marry the wrong person, and the whole waiting was for nothing?
  • ... I fall in love with someone of different faith, and my parents don’t approve it?
  • ... people never stop saying ‘’marry a nice Muslim girl from a good family’’?

If this matches your current experience, you're in the perfect place for practical advice. We're here to offer just that! We truly understand. In the Muslim community, there's a heavy emphasis on strong, happy marriages and close family bonds, so you might feel a push to live up to the "ideal image" that's often discussed.

But do you sometimes feel that your expectations for a partner are too lofty? Do you imagine meeting them deeply romantically, maybe during a school event, at work, or at a club? Is your vision of the ideal partner so clear that it seems nearly impossible for someone to meet it? If this sounds familiar, you're definitely not alone, as many other Muslims are dealing with the same issues. Such stringent expectations can greatly reduce your chances of finding someone. We're here to help you overcome these limitations and find a balance between what's reasonable and overly high expectations.

Ultimately, the most crucial thing is that you share essential spiritual, religious, and intellectual values, supported by mutual love and respect, while everything else is less critical.

Additionally, we don't want you waiting for the "right" person to arrive at the "right" time and place. We want to accelerate your search and make it more pleasurable and rewarding. Our advice will help you go through this process with joy and no worries. Excited? Continue reading to know more about Muslim dating in Singapore.

What is it like dating a Muslim?

Being a single Muslim can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you are someone who dreams of sharing common culture, traditions and beliefs with your partner, or someone who doesn’t yet know what it is like dating a Muslim, but eagerly wants to find out, this is the right start for you! We will guide you through the whole process of finding your soulmate and you don’t have to worry about your parents’ matchmaking efforts anymore. First, we prepare your knowledgeability on the topic, and then structure a strategy for your success. Below you’ll get to learn about:

  • Traditions & Culture of Muslims
  • Contradictions of Dating a Muslim
  • Stereotypes about Muslim Dating and Marriage
  • Halal Dating
  • Tips when dating a Muslim Woman
  • Tips when dating a Muslim Man

Traditions & Culture of Muslims

Over a billion Muslims live in various parts of the world and speak different languages. They are diverse, practice different cultures, and the only thing unifying them is their faith. The religion they follow is called Islam, meaning ''submission to the will of God''. Allah is the god they worship, and Quran their holy book. Islamic architecture stands apart with its brightly colored minarets and domes, centrally located prayer halls and calligraphies. Common sayings for all Muslims over the world are their greeting ''As-Salaamu Alaykum'', wishing by ''Inshallah'' (If Allah wills), and citing Allah by ''Bismillah'' (In the name of Allah). Common old traditions in Islamic culture are:

Muslim Family Dinner
  • Men growing their beards: This tradition was present in many other religions, i.e. in Christianity and Judaism as well. Wearing a beard was linked to dignity and nobility of a man, while shaving it was perceived as a sign of shame and humiliation. This custom is not widely followed nowadays, especially among Westernised Muslims.
  • Women wearing hijab, turban or headscarf: Despite the common belief, there is no religious demand for women to wear them, and this is mainly done by customary and cultural reasons. And women themselves can choose to wear them.
  • Using right hand for food and drinks: We would recommend you pay attention to this on a date. This will reveal how conservative he or she is, because this is also not common among modernised Muslims.
  • Praying five times a day, and taking the time for themselves during Ramadan: Hence, be patient and respectful to this.
  • Family values, big and strong communities: these are the cornerstones of their social and spiritual life. Though we mention this under ''old traditions'', it doesn’t mean that contemporary Muslims do not value this, because wherever they are born or raised, this is what they all value most and long for.
  • Friends, and more friends: They are strong collectively. This is what every Muslim will tell you. They enjoy spending time with their friends and are extremely generous and attentive to each other.
  • Diversity: There is no typical look of what Muslims look like, despite the common stereotype. They are of different colors and shapes, speak various languages, and are spread all over the world.

However, there are traditions varying from country to country as well. For instance, in Africa, it is common putting a hand on another person’s head while greeting. While in the Middle East, Muslim men kiss each other on the cheek.

Statistics also show that almost 80% of American Muslim couples share the same belief. Some initially prefer and marry those with Islamic beliefs, while others marry non-Muslims, who later convert to Islam. However, the stereotype that the percentage of Muslim couples is near to a hundred, is totally wrong. There is a huge twenty percent of the population that marry non-Muslims, and these couples go on having their own faith and respect each other’s choices.

As far as American Muslims are concerned, they are very diverse, i.e. some are very traditional, and some have completely absorbed Western culture. You will encounter different Muslims, and not all abide by these specific rules and traditions. However, getting to know all about their culture is crucial for understanding them and having a meaningful relationship. To prevent any possible confusion upon a meeting, the best is not to assume anything about their beliefs and culture, and simply ask questions. Believe us, they will be very delighted to share a nice conversation with you.

Contradictions of Dating a Muslim

Depending on how traditional the person is, dating rules differ. Nevertheless, keeping an eye on all possible rules that exist in this culture is needed to avoid later misunderstanding and disappointment.

Traditional VS Contemporary Muslim Dating rules

Traditional relationships require dating according to the following rules:

  • The couple cannot spend time alone without the constant supervision of an adult male person (usually a relative of the woman). This is to resist any possible temptation between the two.
  • Dating itself doesn’t exist until engagement. Only after the couple is allowed to hold hands (kissing still prohibited).
  • Quick engagements are common, because it is nearly impossible to get to know each other before.
  • Dating in this phase mostly reminds a ''negotiation over the compatibility'' of the two, before they announce that they would like to marry each other.
Muslim couple in the restaurant
  • And before heading for serious steps, one should be ready to meet the partner’s parents, as it’s them who approves the relationship.
  • Premarital intimacy is strictly prohibited. And after the marriage, couple practices a specific ritual before they engage in intercourse, i.e. men do ''ablution'' (sacred cleansing) and pray.
  • Polygamy is practiced among them. Men can marry up to four women.
  • Divorce is allowed. However, it happens only when it is extremely necessary.

Contemporary Muslims, on the contrary, date with no specific rules:

  • The couple easily spends time together and gets to know each other.
  • Both partners choose the space they want for their relationship, no hastiness, and discomfort.
  • Together they decide to move their relationship to the next level when they feel ready and serious about it.
  • They introduce each other to their parents when they think it is proper.
  • Premarital sex is not forbidden, and couples do not implement traditional rituals before it.
  • Polygamy is not practiced at all.
  • Couples divorce per their own decision and reasons.
Muslim happy couple

Still, it is highly unlikely that you can find any ''strictly traditional'' Muslims on online dating sites, as mostly those who sign up there look for a modern relationship, when you can spend time alone, and build trust and love as per in western culture.

However, to make sure that the person you got to contact online is compatible with you, you should get to know how traditional they are beforehand. Some may strictly follow all the rules and regulations (which is less likely), yet others follow their belief in their own way. Finding out this will be the guideline for your expectations and next steps.

Stereotypes about Muslim Dating and Marriage

Islam, like any other major religion, covers numerous modifications, sects, and level of conventions under its umbrella. Hence, knowing that someone is Muslim may tell you nothing about them. The probability you are actually dealing with the type of Muslim everybody tends to think of firsthand is unknown, hence useless to predict, not to say be assured.

Yet, people tend to make assumptions and even jump to conclusions, which very often insults the other person, and brings to the end of a potential relationship.

Common stereotypes about Muslims are:

  • Muslims lack progressiveness: from politics to sport, from pop culture to art. You encounter successful Muslim professionals, ambassadors to gender equality and feminism, which is an evident proof this stereotype is unfounded.
  • Muslim women are not respected and don’t share a voice in family and society: in most Muslim families, women are supposed to take care of the family, while men are responsible for support and finances. However, this is upon mutual agreement and discussion, hence, responsibilities can be shared according to the convenience of both partners. This is more cultural, rather than a religious feature, therefore for the comfort of both, it is vital to communicate efficiently and compromise.
Muslim happy couple
  • Muslim men love showing off their ''bling." This is mostly cultural (typical to Arabs), meaning that a man has to mention and confirm all he has achieved, otherwise it will go unnoticed.
  • Muslim women are expected to be submissive, cook, clean and to be a good wife. This is very common to older generations, and it’s actively changing and is highly uncommon among younger generations. Nowadays, men appreciate other traits in a woman, i.e. how she carries herself, what she has achieved, education, and job, etc.

Like any culture, Muslim culture has its specific characteristics, which impact dating and family life as well. Among the common stereotypes mentioned above, there are some that one has to pause to think whether they are really pointing out gaps or ''faux pas-es'' in their culture, or, in fact, the opposite. An example of it can be the stereotype about Muslim men being jealous and possessive, which even Muslim women state is true, mentioning that this is the common attitude of men who are truly in love with their girlfriend and do not want to share her with anyone else. Muslim women point out that deep in their heart they expect and want their man to be jealous, and if he is not, they start worrying whether his feelings are really true and deep.

Another verified stereotype is Muslim man spoiling the woman ''as if there is no tomorrow''. Muslim women elaborate that if they dare to touch the bill in the restaurant, there will even be a war: that’s how insulted they become!

Any woman of any background will be happy to be treated like this. However, with these ''obviously optimistic'' stereotypes come also ones that are annoying to others, but never to those who know why they do that.

An instance of this is a common stereotype of Muslims, especially Arabians, being very loud and sounding angry when talking on the phone. That’s true, they are loud, but not because they are angry. It is because they are passionate, and want to reach their emotions to the other person, by not leaving any room for ''suspicions''.

Whatever stereotypes there are, whether true or not, there is one fact everyone confirms to be right, which warms the heart of even the most stone-hearted and suspicious person.

That is that the whole Muslim culture, especially in South-East Asia and Middle East, is built on an immense and unconditional generosity. Their hospitality is unlimited when you are welcomed as a guest: you are honored with a huge variety of foods and drinks, high-quality almonds, offered the host’s bed to sleep in (while they gladly sleep on the floor), and most importantly, share a lot of time with you and show they are honored to have accepted you as a guest. This is exactly how families of a couple get to meet each other, spend time together, and after some time, consider each other relatives. And when you start dating a Muslim, this is what you can anticipate from her/him, as they carry their culture inside, and always offer the best, and sometimes even more of what they have to. You will feel the deep respect from day one!

To sum up, all boundaries people create both within and between each other are, in fact, an illusion that can be eliminated just by a smile and a kind word.

Halal Dating

In western countries, Muslims appear to be less conservative compared to those living in eastern societies. This relaxed and looser form of Muslim dating is often referred to as Halal Dating. In this case, Muslims do not expect from their parents to organise matchmaking, and neither arrange meetings with potential candidates. Rather, they approach the matter just like other Westerners do, which is signing up on dating sites, setting up dates with classmates or colleagues, etc. Accordingly, the common pressure about marriage that one will encounter in an eastern Muslim family, is not typical to the western Muslim family. Here, the matter of finding a soulmate is not at such an urge, and youth first focus on career and enjoy their single life before searching their other half.

There are still some ''unwritten rules'' that one may follow during Halal Dating:

  • Believing in Allah as a fundamental principle,
  • Dating with a purpose of developing the relationship towards marriage,
  • Meeting at safe places,
  • Dressing moderately (not vulgar),
  • Avoiding physical contact and inappropriate talks.

Tips when dating a Muslim Woman

Muslim woman

When dating a Muslim woman, you should remember that only by being direct and honest you can win her heart. They disapprove flirting and half-baked approaches. If your exes were non-Muslim, and this is new to you, you’ll find her more conservative compared to your exes. They are more likely to split the home responsibilities between you two unfairly with the majority of the cleaning tasks being assigned to her. You should understand that the reason they do so is that they have been brought up this way, and not because they adore the smell of cleanness and various species in the kitchen. Hence, your job is to at least treat this with respect and offer your help from time to time. Another obvious difference will be the conservative and shy demeanor of your date.

Tips when dating a Muslim Man

Muslim man in the park

Be ready to feel like a queen beside a Muslim man, as he will be holding doors for you, holding your hand while you take a seat in the car, paying all the bills in restaurants, etc. And this is not because he thinks you are incompetent of taking care of yourself, rather he shows off his respect and generosity towards you. All you have to do is to accept this with gratitude!

Despite the widely spread stereotype that Muslim men do not like brave and intelligent women who can ''speak'' and express themselves, it’s quite the opposite. In fact, they enjoy constructive and cheerful discourses with their loved ones and perceive it as a means to learn more from each other.

When it comes to intimacy before marriage, this might be impermissible if his view on his religion is traditional. However, if it’s rather relaxed, this may not be a problem if the relationship grew to that point. In any case, this is a topic that has to be discussed between you two to be on the same page.

Western men are quite slow in evolving the relationship to the next, more serious level, and women have to coax them for a long time. And it usually takes years until the man out of the blue agrees on bringing the relationship further. Conversely, Muslim men are not slow at all, and they move the relationship to the next level as soon as the time has come: with the maturity of the relationship, trust, and love.

Here are further tips to guide you:

  • Doing the research on your date’s background applies to women as well. This is because Muslim men can also put certain boundaries in the relationship according to the severeness of their religious beliefs.
  • If you are non-Muslim, you should still show respect towards your Muslim partner’s religious beliefs, learn more about it, and ask questions.
  • Muslim man (not very conservative one) won’t insist on you to convert to Islam, though might want to raise his children as Muslims. Of course, it may vary in western culture, and it’s more common introducing the child to the religious values of both parents. Regardless, this matter should be discussed in advance to avoid any inconvenience and to make sure this is what you both desire.
  • Be sure to check if he eats pork and drinks alcohol.

How do Muslim Dating Sites and Apps work?

Recently, Muslim dating sites are gaining more and more popularity, and becoming a harbor for Muslim singles to find romantic relationships, friendship, and marriage with those who cherish Islamic faith as much as they do. Dating sites intended for Muslims only, such as, give the opportunity for young Muslims to be present in Muslim community, try their chances, and quickly find their match. However, general sites, such as Elite Singles, have open doors for Muslim singles as well and are also targeted at finding serious relationships.

Premium sites have an elaborate verification system to make sure the user is legitimate, and tight security to provide a safe and secure service for all users. Though you may need up to 10 minutes to sign up, the results will be satisfying: by thoroughly answering to all the questions about your beliefs, religion, hijab preferences, Halal and Salaah habits, you make sure that the system will generate good matches for you.

In most sites, you can upload at least five photos, and even post the pictures of your family and relatives.
The only ''drawback'' of most sites is that they allow messaging, viewing matches and likes for gold or premium users only, meaning that you have to consider paid options to get the most of what the site offers. Our conclusion on this is that Premium is worth the money, as the advantages you are given dramatically increase your chances of getting the result you desire.

Mobile apps are very convenient for those who are always busy and inseparable with their phone. They take up a very small space on your phone memory and offer you the same features and functionality that the website has. You can check your inbox, notifications, as well as make changes to your profile, view and upload photos.

Once you are reading this article, it means that a Muslim dating site is what you really need, hence check out our test winners below. Here you can compare the features, costs, pros and cons of the best three Muslim dating sites ,and go for the best option suitable to your budget, individual preferences and objectives:

How to be successful on Muslim Dating Sites?

Post the best photos of you

A nice smile is what you need before taking a picture. The background should be as simple as possible, not to distract the viewer from you. Wearing sunglasses is not recommended, don’t be afraid to show your face. Try to wear modest, don’t expose too much of yourself. Lighting is very important: make sure not to make a picture under artificial light. Then, you need to make sure the picture is clear and sharp, with no blurred edges. In case the dating site you chose blurs your picture to protect your identity from non-verified users, choose a photo that highlights you nicely in the silhouette. And of course, make sure to upload at least five photos from various angles, having at least two portraits.

Complete your profile

The more complete your profile looks like, the more verified and valid user you are considered. Hence, do not leave your profile incomplete, answer to all the questions that pop up on your screen and upload enough photos of you. Also make use of free text fields to give your profile visitors an even better impression of yourself.

Make sure to set your preferences right

All the Muslim dating sites want to make sure they offer you the best matches according to your personality, beliefs, habits, etc. Hence, when you are asked about those values that are of high importance to you, such as ''How religious you are?'', ''What are your hijab preferences'', ''What are your Halal and Salaah habits?'', make sure to answer all of them correctly, and if the site allows, elaborate and interpret your views.

Be witty and smart, interesting and excited

As soon as you open your mind and soul, you’ll experience the online magic. You should yourself initiate interesting talks, have fun, find the good in people, and not be afraid to put yourself out there. Then, you’ll notice how much you’ll enjoy it and be excited for the new day.

It’s ok to receive refusals

Once you’ve decided to fight for love, there should be no disappointments and regrets left online. You didn’t receive a reply back, or someone you were chatting with suddenly disappeared? It is okay! Someone nicer will answer, who will truly appreciate the intelligent and funny conversations with you.

It’s all up to you

What outcome you will get and what your future relationship will look like is all up to you. You are the craftsman of your dating life, and it will all depend on your choices, answers, and preferences. Hence, start building your romantic life of your dreams!

Love stories, better than any Rom-Com

Love is mysterious and bizarre, strange and unusual, and it always comes when we least expect it. There is never a right time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, even when you are running to an important meeting, or fasting during Ramadan. Any rom-com, whether it's ''When Harry met Sally'' or ''Pretty Woman'', would tell us all that, but we thoroughly get to know this when experiencing ourselves. 

Here we have prepared three of our best-loved love stories, which will hopefully inspire you to open your heart and mind and find your significant other right around the corner.

Muslim family

Nikah in the Big City

Arya, 27: ''I had already finished my education and started working as a Strategic Advertising Manager in NYC, when I suddenly understood that the only missing thing in my life was having someone to share my successes with. Having been raised in a traditional Muslim family, I have been skeptical towards online dating sites, hence it took a lot of efforts from my best friend to convince me. After five to six months of using Muslima, I found my best half, my best friend in life and faith and, to confess, I would have never imagined such an outcome''.
All of her friends received nicely embroidered postcards to their Nikah (traditional Muslim ceremony) a year after that. That was the most magical day of Arya in the Big City!

Multiple sites: One love

Aamir, 34: ''I would never let my parents choose a girlfriend for me, hence was trying my chance through eHarmony.  Day by day I was getting refusals from various women and feeling down. I even started thinking of my parents’ matchmaking abilities as of a potential solution to my situation, when suddenly I found a very sweet girl on the site, however there wasn’t a match, and she didn’t respond to my messages...but she was stuck in my head. Later, to distress, I decided to try my chances on Elite Singles as well. After a while, I receive a message here from this same girl. In a month we’ll be celebrating our three-year anniversary''.

Serious love never comes on time

Asim, 29: ''I was still enjoying the blessings of my youth and wasn’t planning any serious relationship yet. However, I found pleasure in having friendly talks with other Muslim women on, sharing ideas on philosophy, history, and music. One of such talks gradually evolved into an extreme desire to meet the woman I was messaging over a month. Step by step I found myself fully absorbed in love, seriously thinking about marriage and having a strong family''.

Want to make sure this is exactly what you need?

Final Words

Muslim Dating may not be for everyone. It is for those who highly appreciate and await for sharing the same faith and culture with their partner, and would like to educate their children the same way one day.

If you are one of these people, the best way to meet like-minded singles is through dating apps and sites. With so many to choose from, you will surely be needing a guide. 

But don’t worry for we have you covered. Check out our reviews on different Muslim dating sites to know which ones are suited just for you!

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to clicking! Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
Chris founded Datingscout 15 years ago, and today he is one of the leading Online Dating Experts. He is the author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies" and the author of the Internet's largest online dating study analyzing 20 Million Profile Pictures with artificial intelligence. Chris Pleines holds a master degree in media science and appeared in numerous television interviews and publications to give expert advice as well as tips about online dating.



What is the best Muslim dating site?

The best Muslim dating site will depend on what you want and need, but you can try out great platforms we have tested in Muslim Dating. These sites and apps have been checked for their efficiency, features, and costs.

Are Muslim dating apps haram?

Yes, dating apps and sites follow are run by Muslims and follow the teachings of Islam. So if you are a Muslim single who is hesitant to try out these platforms due to religious concerns, you can rest assured that you will not be breaking any rules.

Is Muslim dating site haram?

Most of these sites are being run by Muslim developers so they abide by religious rules. It has strict security features to make sure that the members are having fun while being safe.

Do Muslim dating sites work?

There are several legitimate dating sites that work for the needs of its Muslim population. These platforms have, in fact, led people to find each other and carry out successful Muslim marriages.

What dating sites for Muslim in USA?

You can try Muslim Dating if you are looking for a Muslim dating site in the US. These sites have a huge Islamic population in a general site so you can meet others too while you are there.

Do Muslim dating apps work?

Yes, there are several reliable dating apps that have been proven to work. Their algorithms work similarly to most dating sites and apps, but cater to a Muslim population to customize the dating experience.

Is there a dating app for Muslims?

Yes, you can find several great dating apps for Muslims. If you are looking for more options, you can try out the offerings found in Muslim Dating.

What to expect when dating a Muslim man?

Dating a Muslim man will generally feel like dating any other normal guy, but with a few twists. For one, they may or may not be following several cultural rules based on their religious teachings.

What is it like dating a Muslim man?

A great Muslim man should be respectful and help you realize your goals as an individual in these modern times. It should bring you fun, safe, and enjoyable experience.

How do Muslims get married without dating?

These still happen, but Muslims in big cities are modern and like to meet and date first before committing to a relationship. Muslim dating platforms prioritize safety above all so they usually have zero-tolerance for discrimination.

What is halal dating?

It is the way for Muslims to learn about one another before they decide if they want to be married while observing Islamic beliefs. It means you will still be able to enjoy dating while following the teachings of your religious beliefs.

Is dating allowed in Islam?

This is a common misconception in Islam, but that is generally not the case. Dating is allowed among Muslim singles as long as it follows Islamic teachings under halal dating.

Is it haram to use Tinder?

Muslims are allowed to use Tinder as any other dating apps available as long as they practice halal dating. However, if you are a Muslim single looking to date, there are several sites made for you.

Is Muzmatch Haram?

Yes, Muzmatch is run by Muslim developers so singles are sure that they are not breaking religious rules. Most of the developers in this niche are part of the religion so they are knowledgeable on the right way to run the site.

What's a good Muslim dating app?

There are several great Muslim dating apps, but if you want a surefire option, you can check out the offerings at Muslim Dating. We have checked their features, costs, and efficiency for your convenience.