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Very Bad
  • Mas**** 36 years

    Didn't have any matches in months. Apps promote gambling, the discover section is technically a game of chance to get a match by spending virtual curr... ency. What makes it worst is the fact that developer themselves create fake profile to entrap users to stay and spent in the app. «»

  • J****** 38 years

    A lot of scram. I chat with total 5 man, 4 out of them borrow money from me and left 1 is request for gift.

  • J****** 48 years

    Scam !!!I found my instagram picture been used by some one to create a fake account and chat with women for money

  • once*** 30 years

    I was scammed by someone I met on coffee meets bagel. He pretended that he was in Singapore for a job offer and that he would be returning for employm... ent. He then said that he needed to secure an apartment. He asked me to help him receive a parcel to hand over to the landlady. He even emailed the landlady copied to me and the landlady responded. Guess what? Parcel was delayed and he asked for my help. He kept asking and I finally relented and paid $7000 to the landlady's account in Singapore. It did not stop there. He continued to ask me to help make 2 further payments of $7000 each promising that he would pay me back when he was in Singapore. He even showed me his pass working at ExxonMobil. He said his passport was not with him as he had to surrender it before working on a rig. Time passed and he did not make payment. When I asked for it, he said he was being sued. Later he said he was detained by the Mexican government. I lost $21,000. The landlady was surprise surprise uncontactable.Another scam I almost fell for was a guy who said he was with the US military and was stationed in Turkey. He said he needed his fiancee to apply for his leave. He immediately called me his girlfriend. I realized this was a common scam and they would usually ask for your personal details on the pretext that it is required for the letter. In summary, coffee meets bagel is full of scammers. Beware. «»

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