5 Great Pick Up Lines That Will Definitely Work on Her

It's 2 in the morning, and instead of being out with friends, you're alone, going through profile after profile on a dating app. You wonder what will happen if you actually match with one of these women. What if you can't find the right or funny line to say?

The number of profiles is overwhelming, and it's tough to stand out. Your first message is critical and should immediately intrigue her. We've rounded up some excellent pick-up lines for men that work both for online dating and real-life interactions.

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Scoff, if you must, but ever since the dawn of time, pick up lines have been used to woo women. These pick up lines continue to evolve until now to persuade and flatter women, initiate a conversation, and make great first impressions. 

Despite what society peddles, you don't have to be a model with six-pack abs to get the woman of your dreams. With a good attitude, sincere intentions, and quick wit, she can be attracted to you, even if you don't see yourself as the dashing Prince Charming.

Pause the disbelief for a minute and allow us to show you some clever and great pick up lines that will help you become the smoothest Casanova out there. May it be in a casual conversation, bar, or dating app, using these hot pickup lines may just help boost your dating game.

Tip 1: "Wow, where did you get that jacket? Looks very cool!"

It doesn't have to be a jacket, per se. It can be anything. You can compliment her accessories, hairstyle, the way her outfit looks on her, or even, her shoes. Guys, you must understand a woman's psyche first. Women are very detail-oriented. They pay attention to the smallest things. They also like dressing up and looking nice.

So, for you to be able to pick up on the smallest details about her (that must have taken her a long time to get done),  this will significantly showcase your observation skills. This will send out a message that you notice her and that you like her style. 

Women put in the extra time and effort to look nice. This might seem insignificant to you, but good observation skills and sincere flattery will definitely get you those coveted brownie points. Women love it when their efforts are appreciated.

Remember, men can be feminine without compromising their masculinity. So go, compliment her shoes, her hair, or her top. Take it even further, compliment her thick eyelashes. Stand out and be that guy who notices something others don't. You are then guaranteed to be that one suave guy who'll take her home.

Tip 2: "You are not from here, are you?"

Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of having good observation skills. While the line above is one example of this particular technique, you can use this second one as well or some other variations of it. What we are saying is, use a line that states something about her, basing on what you have observed. Single her out. Make her feel that she is not like the others.

Say, a beautiful woman is hanging out at the bar and talking to her girlfriends. Pretty sure, she had received countless propositions from men throughout the night. The truth is, this can be very annoying. Yes, gentlemen, being hit on can get old real quick, especially if these come-ons aren't welcome.

However, all hope is not lost. Just because your fellow brother-in-arms did not succeed in wooing the lady, it doesn't mean that you should also crash and burn. Offer something nobody has: make it all about her and not your desire to win her over.

You can do this by commenting on something about her that would only increase her interest in you. Rather than immediately shut you down, she would ask you how you've come about that particular observation. Take this conversation as an example:

"Hey, you are not from here, are you?" 

"Hmm, what makes you say that?"

"Well, for starters, you are the only one smiling here in this bar."

This could be a great way of sparking a conversation with her which would ultimately lead to introductions and mayhaps, exchanging of numbers. Bottom line is, see her as a person and not as a trophy to be won over. Then, she might see you as someone interesting to talk to and not just one of those pesky guys who have had hit on her and her friends way too many times.

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Tip 3: "Is this seat taken?"

Sometimes, the best approach is the simplest one. No tricks, no hoodwinks, no flim-flams, and no bamboozle. Just be direct and confident. Dive straight right in instead of going in timidly.

Walk up to her with your shoulders back and head held high. Women like confident men who know what they want. If you ask if the seat beside her is taken, the ball is in her court. You'll see that she is interested when she lets you sit right next to her.

Proxemics is everything, guys. Once she lets you cross the first social barrier, there is a higher chance that she is open to having a conversation with you.

Couple In A Restaurant

If she says "yes," you can segue into introducing yourself. The next steps would also require a keen sense of observation. Be attentive and notice the smallest thing about her. If she has a book with her, you can ask about what she is reading. Here are some follow-up conversation starters that would work well with this technique:

  • Comment about something in your immediate environment ("Oh wow, I wonder how what coffee beans they are using. Smells amazing.")
  • Share something about yourself that can be relatable. Not only will this give her a snapshot of your personality, but this is also a great way of breaking the ice. ("I get cranky if I don't start my day with a good cup of coffee.")
  • Ask. Make sure to ask something that is not way too obvious. Again, we cannot stress enough about how women love attentive men. Being detail-oriented themselves, it gives them pleasure when small things they do get noticed. ("I can't help but notice how happy you look. Anything good happened today?)

Be nice and sincere. Talking to women might seem to be a daunting prospect. But don't forget how a great smile, a confident attitude, and sincerity can make all the difference in the world.

Tip 4: "Truth or Dare?"

Put yourself in her shoes. She had been told that she looks like this gorgeous celebrity, or that she is the hottest chick in the room. She has heard it all, and then some. What about you will make her sit up, take notice, and not immediately dismiss you as just like the other men who came before you?

Now, you must understand that no matter how scary talking to women might seem, they are not some alien species. They are human, too. They get interested. They like talking. They can like games, too.

So, what's the better way of piquing her interest than with a game of "Truth or Dare?" This will immediately make you stand out from the rest of the pack. Rather than opening up with flattery or commenting about her physical assets, get her by talking to her and treating her as a human being. Play a game with her.

If she chooses, "Truth," ask something about her that can keep the conversation going. You can talk about her life, her interests, her pet peeves. Pay keen to what she has to say. You'll be impressed at how well she'd respond to you once you talk to her in a decent manner.

If somehow you've picked a brave woman and she chooses, "Dare," you can be playful. You can dare her to let you buy her a drink. You can dare her to flirt with you. You can even turn the tables and dare her to hit you with her best pick-up line. Women like being challenged. This might be one challenge she won't back down from.

This technique can also be used for online conversations. When you are feeling particularly smooth, you can slide into her direct messages with this opening line.

Tip 5: "Awww, you're flirting with me."

This particular approach is a bit different from the others. As you can tell, this line or a variation of it can be used when you have already developed a rapport with the girl you're interested in. So, she's talking to you. She seems to enjoy your company so far. Both are great, but what comes next?

To take your approach to a new level and turn up the sexy-meter a notch, use this line or perhaps, a variation of it. Women like sexy—who doesn't? The best way to steer the conversation into much more intimate waters is to subtly give her the power while still taking full control of the situation. Toss the ball back to her court and use her power of imagination to your advantage.

Take this as an example: when you say, "You are so hitting on me right now," you are conveying that you know something is going on between the two of you. Call out that unspoken tension and give her the power to act on it.

Here's the truth, if you don't know it yet: women feel sexual desire. You can go about it by being subtle and dropping hints without being sexually explicit. You can say, "See, I knew you had a naughty side." By doing so, you create scenarios in her mind about more intimate relations without actually saying, "Want to do it?" 

By hinting at that sexual tension and throwing out some innuendos, you are guaranteed to seduce her more rather than when you outright state the obvious. Tickle her, mind and body. Build that sexual and emotional connection with her. Give her the shots and let her picture out what she'd want you to do to her. 

Subtle is the new sexy, guys. 

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When Can Men Use the Best Pick Up Lines

DMs and Personal Messages

Man Checking His Messages

Wherever you look, there are hundreds of dating apps and sites that cater to every romantic desire--straight, gay, lesbian, black, Asian, casual, affair, erotic, and so many others! Whatever your preference may be, when you slide into a person's direct or personal messages, it is important to have something witty to say. With hundreds of profiles vying for attention, what will make you stand out from the rest? 

You can take time to read her profile and ask her about some details that genuinely intrigue you. It could be something along the lines of the interests she has on her profile – ask her a question about it.

For instance, she said that she likes Harry Potter – you can say, “I love Harry Potter! What’s your Hogwarts house and why?” You think this line may already be overused, but you’ll never know. At least it’s a conversation starter and not a generic, “Hi what’s up?”

You can also send her fun or game style questions if you think she’s on the online dating app to find someone she can have a good time talking to. These fun questions are great conversation starters, plus you also get to peek deeper into her personality. Having something intelligent and witty things to say will not hurt.

Depending on the type of online dating app, you can say something cute, something sexy, or something ridiculous. The possibilities are endless.

Casual Conversations

Say you know a girl, and you are friends with her. But you want to take things to a whole new level. Yes, she is lovely. She looks particularly cute as she sits across you in the coffee shop. Yet, you have no way of segueing into the deeper, romantic waters. 

What's the best way of testing out the waters in the most casual way? Easy, pick up lines! You can drop sweet pick up lines for her. You can subtly hint at what the two of you might have. She might laugh, she might blush, or better, she might just feel the same way. So, take a deep breath and put your best foot forward. 

Parties, Bar, or Crowded Places

Let's face it. Human beings are social animals. We crave company now and then. Most of our socialization (introverts, aside) happen during parties or big group gatherings. Many singles frequent their local watering hole or hang out at bars to meet other singles.

In this type of scenario, people are expecting to hit on or be hit on. With that, it is probably best to have steamier and sexier pick up lines right up your sleeve. In a rowdy environment, people are in party mode. They want it fast. Instead of saying convoluted and overcomplicated pick up lines, keep it straightforward and on point, brother.

However, women may also appreciate compliments. If you compliment a woman about anything other than her body or physical appearance – for instance, how her eyeglasses frame her face perfectly, or how impressive she seems holding her liquor – she will feel good about herself and you will definitely catch her attention. Just don't say the compliment in a creepy way.

In a Date

If you are dating, a list of witty pick-up lines can be a great friend. Make your date laugh by having an over the top, cheesy pick-up line. Flatter her senseless. After all, having a good physique is one thing, but long term relationships last with men who can make her laugh, think, and swoon. Think of it this way; silver tongues can go a long way with women in more ways than one.


One of the age-old ways of starting a conversation and wooing women is dropping a pick-up line. Great pick up lines age like fine wine while also continuing to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing social landscape. Proven and tested, clever pick-up lines, when used correctly in the right context, can guarantee success with the ladies. 

You don't have to stand outside her house with a giant boombox. You don't have to climb towers. Gentlemen, sometimes, all you need are clever words, right timing, and sincere intentions. 

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