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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Premium Plan
6 Months14.99 USD / Month89.94 USD
1 Month19.99 USD / Month19.99 USD
1 Week6.99 USD / Week6.99 USD


Plus, subscriptions aren’t carried out for over a long period of time. At Flingster, choose between the 1 or 6 month-subscription or go for the deal that covers one week only. If you are a budding Flingster member who’s in it for a short time, the weekly subscription is indeed a good steal.

If you’re subscribed to any of Flingster’s paid deals, you get to flaunt a Verified Chat Badge, further customise your match results, and have access to security features. 

Given the number of members at Flingster, being able to dictate who you’re matching with (in terms of gender and location) enables you to meet matches you can easily hookup with—offline. Also, the added protection of AR Face Filters makes sure you remain anonymous, especially if you’re only at Flingster for a fun time.

Is the cost of Flingster worth it?

The concept of adult text and video chat is not Flingster’s alone, so why sign-up and pay for a subscription here?

Flingster offers you so much more than you think. You get to enjoy the following—only if you sign up even as a free member in the meantime:

Quick and Efficient


Flingster is all about speed; its registration process is one of the fastest and easiest we’ve seen among similar sites.

All you need is to provide your nominated e-mail address and password and select a gender. You may even sign up using your existing Google account to save even more time. Either way, presto—welcome to Flingster! There’s no need to validate your email or complete a profile. You can immediately see your matches, chat, or hit them up with a video request.

Also, Flingster is well-aware that it has a global user base. Thus, Flingster offers a translator function when you two decide to text chat. The translation happens as fast as the message pops up; you don’t have to worry about missing a beat—just flirt.


Flingster has a global user base of around two million; yet, in terms of inclusivity, this international following is only the tip of the iceberg.

It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, bi, or into the same-sex—all genders are welcome at Flingster. Also, you don’t have to be single to join this chat site. Even couples can register together and have some fun R-18 time at Flingster.

Lastly, Flingster caters to the general audience. As long as you’re 18 years old, you can match with those of the same-age, mature, or senior age ranges. What’s fun at Flingster is the spontaneity; with every new match and chat, you get to meet a different personality regardless of age, gender, relationship status, or nationality.

Generous Free Services

It’s common for adult sites to let you register, create a profile, and look around for free. However, Flingster took free services to all new level. 

Even with a free account, you get to join in the fun. You can easily find new matches and browse a potential mate’s profile.

If you like what you’re seeing, you can kick it up a notch and actually take the first step to interact. And no, interaction is not limited to sending a few winks or waves—you can talk at Flingster for free.

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For the shy members, you may start it off with a text chat. But for the member who wants to live vicariously, you can immediately start a video chat see your match. Your free account even lets you use the translation feature (for your convenience) and the AR Masks (for your safety).

Satisfactory Adult Content

Flingster Ad

Yes, Flingster is a random text and video chat site. However, through the years, it’s function evolved to include the satisfaction of your adult needs.

Since even free members can use their video chat functions, most of the Flingster users took advantage of it and readily produce live shows or engage in cam sex.

To say the Flingster members are confident is an understatement—we’re talking about a global audience of sexually adventurous individuals. It’s the norm to be welcomed into a new chat with another member who’s confidently unclothed. 


Adult fun mixed with the spontaneity of online chatting? Sounds like a fun and addicting experience. At Flingster, you get to have your dose of R-18 fun with or without a paid subscription. All you have to do? Sign up now.

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