How much does No Strings Attached cost?

Whether you're in a relationship or not, if you're looking for a sexual adventure that's pleasurable, without any strings attached, and discreet, where do you find it? Can a site like No Strings Attached be of help? Learn more about No Strings Attached's cost in Singapore in this review.

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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
VIP Subscription
Buy 12 months and get six months free. Buy 3 months and get one month free
12 Months17.93 SGD / Month215.10 SGD
3 Months27.93 SGD / Month83.80 SGD
1 Month40.95 SGD / Month40.95 SGD
3 Months11.95 SGD / Month35.85 SGD
1 Month13.95 SGD / Month13.95 SGD
Join a Fun Club
1 Month20.95 SGD / Month20.95 SGD
Open The Door
12 Months11.95 SGD / Month143.40 SGD
3 Months16.95 SGD / Month50.85 SGD
1 Month26.95 SGD / Month26.95 SGD
100 Coins0.16 SGD / Coin16.26 SGD
185 Coins0.15 SGD / Coin27.10 SGD
500 Coins0.14 SGD / Coin67.75 SGD
1,000 Coins0.13 SGD / Coin134.14 SGD

No Strings Attached VIP

Its monthly subscription, the VIP Membership, can cover 1 or 3 months whichever suits your pockets and taste. Like most paid sites, VIP members get the most out of No Strings Attached. This freedom is probably why most of the users signed up for either the monthly or quarterly subscription.

So, should you follow suit? The better question would be: why should you avail a paid membership, too? Before taking the leap, what makes No Strings Attached the platform to be? Is the cost of No Strings Attached worthy of its services?

Does it make sense to go premium?

The concept behind No Strings Attached is nothing new; adult dating sites are usually the ones with the most significant market share. So, why invest your time, effort, and cash at No Strings Attached? What’s in it for you?

Free Services

You may have noticed that there’s no mention of a paid trial period at No Strings Attached—only monthly subscription options. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can try the site out before paying first? Yes, and yes: it would be nice and you could.

Registration is just one of the several functions you can enjoy for free at No Strings Attached. Without spending as much as a cent, you can also create and fully customise your profile. The latter is especially recommended for you to attract like-minded members at No Strings Attached.

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You can also take a look around for free. Use the search function and tweak the primary filters to get suggested to your type of crowd. Browse available videos—usually free live cams or amateur broadcasts of your fellow members—for NSFW content.

Free Features
  • Create an account
  • Use the search function
  • Browse available videos
  • Customer support
  • Upload a video
  • Broadcast own webcam
  • Set profile to private
  • Test now for free

Premium Features
  • Send a message
  • View a profile
  • Join a model's fan club
  • Watch a model's webcam
  • Access "Who's Viewing Me?" list
  • Change the gender

If you’re the kind who gets a kick out of performing, you can even do your little broadcast at No Strings Attached. You can also upload it for the benefit and enjoyment of other users.

Unlike a trial period that has an end date, you can be a free member for as long as you wish. Of course, the things you can do are quite limited, but you have enough freedom to determine if No Strings Attached works for you. Once you decide and confirm you want that subscription, that would be the only time the website will charge your account. 

Popular, yet Discreet

Casual Dating

When you’re playing with fire, two things come to mind. First, you should at least be able to have fun and fool around with as many matches as you can. Second, the only way for you to enjoy is when your affairs are discreet and your identity’s anonymous. Does No Strings Attached deliver?

Figures and our testing period shows it does.

Since you’re logged in looking for unattached hookups and flings, wouldn’t it be nice to have a variety? At No Strings Attached, you can flirt with a global audience. The adult site has members from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Estonia, France, and Brazil, to name a few.

Also, to ensure the members’ security, No Strings Attached has several policies in place. Aside from limiting a free account’s access to contacting features, the moderators also designed the registration process to ensure that every email gets verified. 

Another feature lets all members—free and paying—to gain full access to their notifications. They can choose which ones they want to receive, hide, and block; that way, they can keep their extramarital activities under wraps.

Flexible Terms

Apart from the monthly membership deal, No Strings Attached carries some other functions you may find interesting.

  • Open the Door

Not everyone’s a paying member, so there’s a chance that you’re eyeing a user who’s still on a free account. You may interact with them through the “Open the Door” feature. With it, you allow a standard account to access your profile and respond to your messages.

  • Search Highlight

There are millions of members at No Strings Attached, so it gets active and competitive at times. If you want to attract more matches, you can pay for it with the Search Highlight. This function boosts your popularity by making sure your profile tops search rankings, and you belong to the list of the hottest and most famous members at No Strings Attached.

No Strings Attached Model
  • Tokens

Remember when we said you could browse videos such as live cam shows? No Strings Attached is home to professional models who religiously broadcast their steamy shows. Free and paying members may watch snippets, but having tokens elevates the experience.

Tokens allow you to interact and even direct the model of your choice in private shows. You can also tip and buy them virtual gifts if you feel like splurging. You can buy tokens by the bulk; choose from 100, 185, 500, and 1000 tokens.

  • Fan Club

Are you enjoying the company of a live cam model, to the point that the advantage of having tokens may no longer be enough? Why don’t you join the mode’s Fan Club?

This paid feature guarantees your favourite model treats you as their VIP customer. You can view their recorded shows for free anytime you want, access their nude photos whenever and wherever, enjoy custom fan club videos, and get big discounts during private chats.

If you think about it, it may get expensive if all the above functions are lumped together in the VIP Membership. Plus, you may not even use some of the features listed. Thus, for everyone’s convenience, these special functions are add-ons.

The fees are separate from that of the VIP Membership. You may or may not avail any of these features, you may mid and match on top of being a VIP, or you may not be a VIP and be a model’s fan for example—it’s up to you.


Pulling off an extramarital affair is no easy deal. Thus, if it is your cup of tea, subscribing to online platforms that help you play with fire may be the key. The aptly named No Strings Attached, for example, can introduce you to several options flexibly and discreetly. That, of course, will only happen if you sign up at No Strings Attached now—it’s free.

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