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20 Dating is a website for finding a partner with a huge age gap from you— at least 20 years, to be more precise. The site might be trying to remove the stigma of this kind of dating. It is quite different from sugar-sugar daddy/mommy relationship because it involves the intentions of being in love or getting married.

The site is one of the dating websites of DMCube which also produced PureScarlet, Bald, and DinkyOne. Mostly of 20's sister sites belong to uncommon niches.

If you want to date a much younger or older person without being judged, you can try 20 Dating. But before that, read our in-depth review first.

20 Dating Member Structure

20,000 from Singapore
Members activity
3,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
41 %
59 %
  • Members are looking for a serious relationship with a big age gap
  • There are more male than female members
  • High member activity
  • Bots are not prominent on the site
  • Most members are young adults

You'll meet 20 Dating members who are looking for dates who are at least 20 years younger or 20 years older than them. Mostly are looking for a real and serious relationship but you can also find some who would like to be in casual relationships too.

The number of male members is slightly higher than females and most of them are either 25-34 years olds or 55 years old and above.

Members are active on the site, as you can see on the online status on their profiles. Bots are not observed during the testing of the site, and it's safe to say that fake members rarely exist on the site.


20 Dating Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at 20 Dating

20 Dating SignUp
  • Signing up is fast and easy
  • Not so strict registration process
  • Only basic information is required upon registration
  • Verify your email to finish the process
  • Allowing notifications is greatly encouraged to avoid inconveniences in the future

Signing up for 20 Dating is free. All you need is a valid email address. Then, input some basic information such as gender, sexuality, and age. Next, type in the password of your choice. Upon acknowledging that you are of legal age, and reading the terms and conditions, privacy and shared network, a verification email will be sent to you.

Next, check your email and click on the link. Then you will be redirected back to the site where you should click the confirmations message. After that, type your first name (it is encouraged that you keep it real, but it's not required). Suggestions will be given to you based on what you typed in. You can choose any of the choices or the closest to what you want if it's not included there. Usernames that are more than 10 characters will be accepted but will not be shown due to display settings reasons.

Then, set up your notification settings for message/alert and advice. It is better if you just click both "yes" because you will be needing to keep it on once you start using the site.

Making Contact on 20 Dating

20 Dating Chat
  • Sending a message is for premium members only
  • Like a profile
  • Use the swap-app feature
  • Send flirt messages to other members

Most contacting features of 20 Dating need premium membership. Sending and replying to messages is one example of that. This is very typical with a dating site since this is the main feature that would connect the members to each other. A member will receive an email when there's a message

Members can also send likes to users that they find nice. This feature is free. All you have to do is find the heart icon on the member's profile.

With 20 Dating, you can also move around the different sister sites. Use the Switch App feature and explore.

20 Dating Profile Quality

20 Dating Profile
  • Profile information is basic
  • Upload photos for free
  • Edit your profile anytime
  • See online status of other members

    The profile of 20 Dating members can be informational. However, not all members prefer to complete the information since it's not also compulsory to answer all the questions. 

    Visit other members' profiles and see their activity status. You can also edit your profile information anytime by going to your profile settings.

    Choose to be anonymous while you are still testing the waters, or stay anonymous all the way. Your privacy is the site's priority, as they claim.

    You can upload photos in your 20 Dating profile for free, but they have some guidelines that you have to follow. Make sure that what you upload doesn't show any of the following:

    • Nudity
    • No sexualized photos
    • Adult and sex toys
    • Photos which show violence, minors, unrelated objects
    • Photos violating copyrights (doesn't belong to you)
    • Poor quality photos

    20 Dating Real Life Review

    "I am really attracted to older guys even when I was just in college. I find them responsible and more masculine than those of my age. When I heard about 20, I checked it out right away. I think it's a little bit overrated. I mean, it's okay, but nothing very special about it.. But it's so cheap, so get what you just pay for." -Hanna, 30

    "My expectations were not met by 20 Dating. It is not bad at all. It's just not good enough for me, I guess. The design is not for my age too. I have a hard time understanding it. Maybe for the youngsters it works." -Mike, 59

    Design and Usability

    20 Dating is a relatively new site but has a little bit off an outdated design. It shows a minimalist interface, however, you have to go through it several times first to be able to understand its entire platform design. It also loads a little slow. Its interesting website homepage can attract others to signup, but the site itself has a lot more to improve in terms of designs.

    It doesn't have an app but it has an optimized mobile version which you can access from your phone's browsers.

    20 Dating Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Registration
    • Visit a profile
    • Uploading of photos
    Fee-Based Services
    • Sending of messages
    • Be on top of the search results
    • VIP badge
    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    1 Month1.95 USD / Month1.95 USD
    1 Month3.95 USD / Month3.95 USD
    3 Months2.32 USD / Month6.95 USD
    6 Months1.66 USD / Month9.95 USD
    20 Dating Cost
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Bitcoin

    Members have three options to pay for membership: Credit Card, Paypal, and Crypto. All the plans have the same benefits but differ in length. As shown on the table, you can choose among the plans from 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

    With a VIP membership, you'll be able to send and reply to messages locally and internationally. You will also have a VIP badge which will be visible to all who visit your profile. Also, you'll be on top of the search list and become one of the popular members.

    Lastly, get rid of advertisements and browse the site without any interruptions.

    All membership packages are set to recurring and bills will be under the company DMCubed.

    Special Features

    With this feature, you'll be able to join other affiliated dating sites with 20 Dating by just one click. Your basic profile information will be available for the creation of your account on the other site. This include your username (first name), the password that you used to login, email, age and gender, current location, and sexuality.

    Flirt Messages

    This feature allows you to send a message to multiple users who fit your criteria. This would appear after you complete your registration. The message that you will send will be screened by the moderators.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 2.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    Datingscout.sg Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    The concept behind 20 Dating gives a twist to the typical SugarDaddy dating because its goal is to let members find a long-lasting relationship which may eventually lead to marriage. The only similarity is the huge age gap and nothing more. It is a hit during these days because people are more open in exploring the dating world and trying what unconventional, i.e, dating a way older person. It would have been better if the interface is as exciting as its concept, and the members are not only concentrated in one country. If you are looking for Dating Sites which can reach members from different parts of the world, check out our reviews!

    20 Dating FAQ


    What is 20 Dating?

    20 Dating is a site for those who are interested in dating people who are at least 20 years older or 20 years younger than them. It is different from sugar dating because it aims for a real romantic relationship and not by mutual benefits.

    Is a person in their 40s dating a 20 year old normal?

    In 20 Dating, this is the "normal" set-up. You can only meet people who have 20 years age gap from you. The site removes the stigma of huge age gaps between couples.

    What is Switch App?

    It is the feature of 20 Dating, where you can automatically register to its sister site with just one click. Information will be migrated to create your new account with the other site.

    What is flirt message in 20 Dating?

    The flirt message is like a "text-blast" where you send a message to the members who pass your criteria. It is free and it can be a great way to get someone's attention.

    Are members of the LGBTQ community welcome in 20 Dating?

    Yes, regardless of your gender and sexual orientation, you can be a member of 20 Dating. You can actually browse through the drop-down menu choice and you'll most likely find you exact preference there.

    Account and Membership

    Is 20 Dating free?

    20 Dating is not entirely free. It offers VIP membership packages so you can fully use the features of the site. Free members cannot send messages to other members.

    How can I pay for my 20 Dating membership?

    There are three ways of how you can pay. First is through your credit card. Second is through PayPal. And lastly, using CryptoCurrency (such as BitCoin).

    Is sending messages free in 20 Dating?

    No, sending messages requires a premium membership. You can choose from the different VIP membership packages available on the site.

    Is my 20 Dating VIP membership set to auto-renew?

    Yes, all membership packages of 20 Dating are set to auto-renew. You can adjust this on your account settings.

    Can I delete my 20 Dating Account?

    Yes, you can delete your account. Go to the settings page and choose "Delete Account." All the data and subscriptions will automatically be 


    Is photo uploading free in 20 Dating?

    Yes, photo uploading is free. But there are some guidelines that you should follow to get it approved. In general, your photo should contain your face and there should be explicit or unrelated contents visible.

    Can I reply to another 20 Dating member even if I don't have VIP membership?

    No, you can't. Sending and replying to messages are only for paid members. You can choose from the different membership package that they offer.

    Can I edit my 20 Dating profile?

    Yes, you can. On the top right portion of your profile page, you can see the icons for the settings and editing of profile. You can edit or change your photo, location, and the information about you.

    Why can't I find members of my age in 20 Dating?

    The site is designed to match members which ages are at least 20 years apart.  If you are looking for members of your age, this site is not for you.

    Is 20 Dating only for long-term relationships?

    No, it's not exclusive for long-term dating. You can join the site even if you are someone looking for a casual relationship. Although serious dating is more popular here, there are still some who are just looking for fun.

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