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AsianDate is a popular niche dating website catering mostly to British men who are looking to date women with Asian backgrounds. This dating website actively promotes itself as a platform where members can do live chatting and video cam sharing with Asian women. Yet this dating website has its share of controversies. In 2015, it received a lawsuit over stolen photos of women that were published as profiles on the website without their consent. This was swiftly cleaned up by AsianDate’s PR team. Today, AsianDate features thousands of Asian women profiles, and the controversy of it being a scam site is still popping up in the World Wide Web and continuously being shut down by AsianDate’s PR team.

Member Structure

20,000 from Singapore
Members activity
4,000 daily logins
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Search shows only Asian women profiles
  • Women you chatted with are saved to your contact list
  • Women user base comes from countries with Asian backgrounds
  • Member searches do not show any profiles of men

Users of AsianDate are solely men because women are not allowed to sign up for an account. Users are unable to see fellow members as the search only shows the women profiles listed within the app. Because it is a niche dating site, most of the women profiles come from Asian backgrounds, and the authenticity of the profiles are controversial. Most men who sign-up in AsianDate may just be looking for a virtual relationship as AsianDate claims that they genuinely come from the Far East. Unless they travel to China or any other Asian country, that’s the only time they’d be able to go on a real date.

Signing Up

AsianDate Registration
  • Users can sign up using their Google account
  • 1-2 minutes registration process
  • Email verification
  • Only men seeking women are allowed to signup

Signing up in AsianDate is a quick process. You are allowed to sign up using your Google account or simply input your personal data such as name, email, nominated password, sex and sexual orientation. Although there is a choice indicating “Women seeking men”, only men that are seeking women are able to successfully register as members. After signing up, you are not redirected to your profile. Instead, you are brought to your dashboard where you will find several profiles of Asian women with ‘Start Live Chat’ and ‘Start Cam Share’ call-to-action buttons.

Making Contact

AsianDate Contacting
  • Free search feature
  • Live chat and cam share are for paying members
  • Actual 3-way phone call with an interpreter feature
  • Uncertain if messages from women are real or fake
  • There is a chatroom

Contacting and messaging in AsianDate is free for the first exchanges. After the first message exchange, you are required to pay credits to keep chatting. AsianDate blocks the chat window and prompts you to buy credits. Another way to speak with the women from the dating site is through letter exchanges.

As a free member, you are able to receive letters sent by the ladies. AsianDate indicates if reading the letter is free or not. The letter usually contains 2-3 short paragraphs of the lady introducing herself and what she likes to do—which would make you think that it’s too detailed. Some letters say that they need a man to love and if you are that person they’ve been looking for. These messages are highly likely to be fake. Replying to the letters is not free, it costs 10 credits.

Another way to contact women is by reserving a slot for an actual phone call. A three-way call with an interpreter costs 100 credits for a minimum of 10 minutes.

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Profile Quality

AsianDate Profile
  • Members are allowed to put custom messages on their profiles
  • Women's profile photos are model shots and show no candidness
  • Completing your profile seem to be insignificant
  • The profiles are quite detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
  • Profile picture and profile information can be added later.

Profiles in AsianDate show few fields of information about the members’ appearance, character, and interests. There are paragraph fields that the members can write something about themselves to make them more appealing. Also included in user profiles is a description of the type they are looking for.

As for the women’s profiles, they feature a substantial amount of information. And their photo galleries are often full. Most women even have videos published which men need to pay credits for in order to view.

After signing up, most dating apps encourage its members to complete their profiles. That’s not the case with AsianDate. The site does not persuade you to complete your profile. It seems that adding a profile picture and information is insignificant to get ladies to contact you. Even with an empty profile, your inbox would still get bombarded by messages from women. Which just proves that almost, if not all, women profiles in AsianDate are fake and messages are sent by bots.


AsianDate App
  • Users of AsianDate are solely men because women are not allowed to sign up for an account. Users are unable to see fellow members as the search only shows the women profiles listed within the app. Because it is a niche dating site, most of the women profiles come from Asian backgrounds, and the authenticity of the profiles are controversial. Most men who sign-up in AsianDate may just be looking for a virtual relationship as AsianDate claims that they genuinely come from the Far East. Unless they travel to China or any other Asian country, that’s the only time they’d be able to go on a real date.
  • Phone notifications for new messages
  • Scroll down-type member search
  • Suggestions are not automatically refreshed
  • Free to download in Apple App Store

AsianDate’s mobile app is only available for iOS users. There is not much difference between the mobile app and the website in terms of features. The only advantage of the mobile app is the messaging function found at the bottom of every women’s profile. This allows for faster and more convenient way of contacting. Also, every new message pops up in the app’s header area. If you click the message, it will redirect you to the chat function which you have to pay credits to continue.

Real Life Review

My experience with AsianDate wasn’t at all bad, neither was it good. I actually find my experience funny. Despite signing up without a profile picture, I immediately received several letters from Asian women in my inbox. I wasn’t able to read through all of it—just overnight my inbox had over 50 letters. The letters on the first page were free to read, but the succeeding—you had to pay credits. No thanks! Aside from the letters, there was a right sidebar that showed users who were able for a free live chat. Preview messages from women showed conversation starters with my name. Obviously, these were automated bots sending default templates.

I tried chatting with some of the women and their replies were totally unrelated to my message. Ergo, strengthening my claim that they are chatbots. After the first two message exchanges, AsianDate will prompt that you need to buy credits in order to continue the chat. Again, no thanks! I'm just going to find another dating app that has users who personally signed up to be a member.

Design and Usability

The website presents a straightforward design where the interface shows everything you need for getting around and exploring the app. Buying credits is always on the left sidebar of the home and search page, as well the search and feature tabs for easy navigation. The right sidebar features online ladies who are available for a free chat. Chatting with a woman would bring you to a pop-up window to enable you to chat and explore the app simultaneously. Every interaction and activity in the website has a glowing call-to-action button to encourage you to buy credits and experience the app fully.

AsianDate Costs and Prices

Free Services
Fee based Services
  • Reply to letters
  • Live chat with female profiles
  • View videos on women’s profiles
  • CamShare
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Flowers and presents delivery
  • Three-way call with interpreter
Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
10 Credits1.60 S$ / Credit15.98 S$
40 Credits1.40 S$ / Credit55.98 S$
80 Credits1.24 S$ / Credit98.98 S$

Is AsianDate expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers AsianDate is expensive.
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AsianDate SG
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Instead of membership, AsianDate sells prepaid credits to its members to access its paid features. The credits act like currencies inside the site where they can buy services such as delivering real-life gifts or an interpreter service for foreign languages. You can also pay for premium accounts that give discounts for credits: Silver member for S$14.98 for 10% discount, Gold member for S$51.98 for 30% discount, and Platinum member for S$94.98 for 50% discount.

Special Features

AsianDate offers several expensive features on their website. They don’t have any monthly membership fees so availing these special offers are strictly on a pay-credit basis.

3-Way Call with Interpreter

If you want to have an actual phone call with any of the ladies on the website, you can schedule a phone call with her. Reservation is required because AsianDate claims that you are also booking an interpreter that will help you understand each other better.

Sending of Virtual Gifts

Paying members can also send a virtual gift to his chosen lady from the website. Each virtual gift costs 15 credits.

Actual Gift Delivery

Buying actual gifts that will get delivered within 3-5 days. You will get notified once the order has been successfully delivered, and will be sent a picture of the woman with the gift at the time of delivery.

Our rating

Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
Making Contact: 2.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
App: 2.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 2.5 / 5

Editors Conclusion Editor Chris Pleines
It is no doubt that AsianDate does provide a platform where men can communicate with women of Asian backgrounds. The dating website boasts thousands of profiles of Asian women whom they say are available to talk with—whether through live chat or a scheduled phone call. Their extensive roster of profiles with dressed up pictures seemingly taken from an official photoshoot could indicate that those women do not have full control of their profiles to find someone to date. There is no candidness in their profiles. Instead, AsianDate acts like a pimp, selling the profiles to American men. And you can’t be so sure if those women know that their faces are even on the website, unless you decide to send them an actual gift worth more than £200.But what could be considered fair in subscribing to AsianDate is that you get to avail their paid features by using prepaid credits. You are not tied up to a month’s membership. You have the choice where and how to use the credits and they tell you how much each interaction costs. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a date with a real live person, you might be better off exploring another dating app. Check out our Dating Apps category to find out which app is best for you.
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Can I join AsianDate for free?

Yes, joining AsianDate is free of charge.

Is AsianDate for men only?

Yes, AsianDate is strictly for men seeking women from Asian ethnic backgrounds.

How do I create an account with AsianDate?

Just simply register on their homepage.

How do I permanently delete my AsianDate account?

Account deletion can be requested through email correspondence with AsianDate customer support.

Does AsianDate offer premium membership?

No. Instead, AsianDate offers prepaid credits that members can buy to use the site’s features.


How does AsianDate’s matching algorithm work?

AsianDate has a free search feature wherein you can input your preferred age, country of origin, and interests. The results shown will be based on your answers.

How do I chat with users on AsianDate?

In every search query result, there is a chat option which you can just click to begin chatting right away. However, this is not a free feature.

Are the profiles in AsianDate real?

The authenticity of the profiles in AsianDate is controversial. There have been reports of stolen photos of women found on the website.

About AsianDate

Is AsianDate a legitimate dating website?

AsianDate claims to be a legitimate dating website.

Is AsianDate safe to be a member of?

AsianDate has terms and conditions for fair use. It is up to you if you want to pay the website for its features.

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