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What is Flamite?

Flamite was one of the first ways to use Tinder on your desktop (before Tinder Online was released). It was a free Chrome extension made by developers not affiliated to InterActiveCorp, Tinder's developer. It had features which were unavailable on the Tinder mobile app. You could see who unmatched with you, when they were last online, you get unlimited likes, and more. These are the other features that you could access:

  • See a profile's 5 photos all at once
  • Your total number of matches thus far
  • The age average of your matches
  • The total number of messages you've received
  • The total number of messages you've sent
  • The ratio between your received and sent messages (helpfully lets you know that you're a loser if you have a lot of sent messages and only a few received)
  • The most common names of your matches

It was widely popular because of the auto-like feature. Flamite would automatically swipe right on all the profiles presented to you so you wouldn't miss any match and your chances would increase dramatically.

Flamite Screenshot

Thanks to the developer of Flamite, Jonathan, for providing the screenshot for us. (Twitter: @MrP1ng)

Why was it shut down?

On March 2017, the developer of Flamite tweeted "Flamite shutdown."

Just a day before, he had been contacted by the legal team of Tinder and they demanded him to shut down the web extension. Apparently, Tinder was slowly rolling out its own official web client called Tinder Online, which is now available worldwide. Tinder's developers had also been shutting down all the other unofficial web extensions for Tinder. He attributes this venture to the estimated 3-year success of Flamite.

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