Upping Your Online Dating with Tinder Premium

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  • Find dates across the globe
  • Time-saving features for singles
  • More expensive for older adult users
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  • Subscription options based on your needs
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Swipe. Like. Match. Chat. 

If the path to love is proving longer than expected and your usual Tinder account isn't meeting your needs, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Your soulmate might be on the other side, swiping away, hoping to find you, only to be constrained by limited swipes. By upgrading, you avoid swipe exhaustion and increase your visibility. Tinder stands out as the top dating app in Singapore, where time is precious. If you’re done waiting for the right match, moving on to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold could be your answer.

Tinder, one of the most popular dating sites and apps out there is here to heed your call. With your busy schedule and your lifestyle, you don’t have all day to go through the process of finding the one for you. So if you’re tired of waiting for that perfect match, it’s time to get a Tinder an upgrade.

As the leading dating app, Tinder offers its users two premium account upgrades—Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Read on below to know why you need either one in your online dating life.

Why You Need a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Update

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Since its launch in 2013, Tinder has helped its members—especially those who do not have the confidence to “put themselves out there” in real life for the fear of rejection. For some, it has been time and energy saving—they didn’t need to go out of the house to find someone. All they needed to do was reach for their phones and start the app to see if someone’s available to date.

No matter what your motivation for using the app was, Tinder is your ticket to meeting someone new in your life. However, sometimes, repeated use of the same features and the limitations in terms of usage, can get the best of you. You notice that you spend more time looking than actually matching with someone and meeting them. You’re “swiping-fatigued” but you can’t give it up, then maybe you should try Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Free Services

Online Dating
  • Tinder app download
  • Account creation
  • Left or right swipe
  • Upload photos
  • Find members near your
  • One super like per day
  • Tinder U

Paid Services

tinder flirt
  • See members who like you
  • Unlimited and rewind your swipe
  • Passport
  • Boost
  • Access to Top Picks and Super Likes
  • Read receipt
  • Ad-free

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold

Tinder understands that you don’t need ALL of the added paid features so it has two premium options that you can choose from: Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Tinder Plus

Tinder Settings

Tinder Plus, as the name implies is one of the two premium membership packages that Tinder offers to its members. As the name implies, Tinder Plus gives users added features which they can access on top of the basic features. Availing of the Tinder Plus premium membership allows you to use the following app features:

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month
  • Passport
  • No ads

To subscribe to this feature, you need to open the Tinder app, go to your profile, and choose Settings and tap “Get Tinder Plus”.

Tinder Gold

With Tinder Gold, you get two additional extra premium features from what you paid for. If you subscribe to it, you will have access to:

  • All features offered in Tinder Plus subscription
  • "Who Likes Me" 
  • Top Picks

These added features allow you to avoid aimless swiping for a possible match since you already know who already likes you. The Top Picks features also allows you to choose among Tinder members has a high chance of matching with you.

Subscribing to Tinder Gold is easy and can be done in four steps: 

  1. Open Tinder app
  2. Tap your profile icon
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Subscribe to Get Tinder Gold

How Much Does Tinder Plus and Tinder Cost?

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the premium upgrades available on Tinder. Although it has two premium membership options, Tinder has different price points for members who are below 28 years old compared to members who are 29 years old and up.

Can you try Tinder for free?

  • You can use or try the service for free.
  • All members can send messages for free
  • You can read the first messages in your inbox for free

Is Tinder expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Tinder is average.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Tinder Plus
1 Month13.82 SGD / Month13.82 SGD
Tinder Gold
1 Month22.13 SGD / Month22.13 SGD

Older members were reported that they pay more than the younger members. Tinder defends their pricing strategy because singles in their 30s earn more than the younger members. However, in the state of California, the price tier is not applicable to its members.

What are You Paying For?

Tinder on its own already has so many basic features that works in any members favour. But subscribing to their premium membership does have its perks. What you get out of your premium membership largely depends on how much you’re willing to pay for it. Some of the paid services are:

Top Picks
  • Top Picks

Included in your daily Top Picks are curated profiles of different Tinder users. On this list, you will see your most swipe-worthy potential matches just for you. You have 24 hours to see your Top Picks for the day.

  • Likes You

Likes you feature lets you see those people who already like you. So you save the aimless trouble of gambling for a mutual connection.

  • Rewind

The rewind feature allows you to recall someone you wanted to get to know more but accidentally swiped left on. Without a Tinder Plus premium membership, those unintentional left swipes will be lost forever in the Tindersphere.

  • Recently Active

This feature lets you see who among those who Likes You were recently active. You can now find out who among your potential matches would like to connect with you.

  • Read Receipts

Read Receipts feature allows you to be in the know on who among your matches has already read your message or those who haven't read them yet.

  • Super Like

With the Super Like feature, you get to let someone know that they stand out from the rest. This paid feature also signifies that you are really interested in them. All Tinder users have one Super Like every day.

Tinder Passport
  • Passport

Passport is typically a paid feature for Tinder Plus & Gold subscribers. With Passport, you can search by city or drop a pin on the map and begin Liking, matching and chatting others in the destination of your choice. Navigate between your current location and new destinations!

  • Boost

Boost allows you to be one of the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes. Increase your chances for a match—you can get up to 10x more profile views while boosting.

  • Super Boost

Skip the line! Tinder Gold and Plus subscribers are eligible to purchase this feature. With the super boost, Tinder premium subscribers can get this upgrade so that their profile can be seen up to 100 times potential matches more. Your profile will be given priority during the peak hours of Tinder usage among its members.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Benefits

With its basic features mostly free to use for its members, it is surprising that there are quite a lot of singles who are willing to pay for a premium membership to Tinder. Some explain that having a premium subscription allows them to feel validated as well as the opportunity to explore more about their sexual desires and help them keep an open mind.

Perhaps two of the most important benefits of either the premium subscriptions are validation and new discoveries.

Ego Boost or Validation

Tinder Date

For some users, getting that added boost during peak hours helps them get matches because they are shown on top of the line. Further more, the added feature of seeing those who already likes you since you are guaranteed a match.

Being “shown first” through Tinder boost option helps you find a match. This ensures that your profile gets viewed by more eyes and potential matches, hence getting more activity. Increased activity of your Tinder validates your strong points as a viable partner.

Knowing who already likes you allows you to adjust your standards when it comes to potential partners. Who seems to be someone you would definitely swipe left to are given lenient chances or exemptions simply because of their interest in you. Through this feature, you are able to adjust some trade-offs and get out of your comfort zone.

Expansion of the Pool of Potential Partners

Tinder Date

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of Tinder premium membership is the increased number of potential partners that becomes available to you. You get to see the different people who are interested in you as well as the different people who can help you in this goal.

With a curated matches, courtesy of Top Picks, you can don’t have to sift through all the profiles just to find the one that’s right for you. Tinder’s algorithm will automatically set up a list of potential matches that you can swipe right or left depending on your interest in them. This option saves you a lot of time.

Is Tinder Pluse or Tinder Gold Worth It?

One evening, a notification from Tinder popped up on my phone that more than 1000 users had liked my profile. I couldn't help myself but yell "wow!". And I was very curious who these men might be. So, I decided to allow myself a little money and purchased a one month Tinder Gold Membership - that's nearly 30$ at my age - but I thought I was getting closer to 1000 possible matches. Once the purchase was done, I was indeed immediately able to see the men that had swiped right on me - but, oh dear, there were hardly any that I liked. It took me several hours to get through all +1000 profiles, and what I can tell you is: More than 1/3 weren*t even from my matching criteria (Age between 30-40), lot's of empty profiles without profile pictures or just one where you can't see the person (a clear no for me), lots of passport users from +100 miles away from my location and last but not least, really really many men that just were not my type. You can believe me, I mostly took the time to go through the whole profile (all pictures, profile text..), but still, I was lucky when I found one profile I wanted to swipe right on.  So, after more than 3 hours, here's what I got: From nearly 1200 profiles, I only chose 8 to match with.  That's really not worth the effort or the money in the end and (really, this was a full disappointment!)  I'm sticking with my free membership for the occasional fun of stress-free swiping. If I decide to seriously start looking for a partner, I'll turn to a dating service that has a clear target for that.

So if you're looking for love, know that there are no shortcuts and expedited process for it. This goes to show that Tinder Plus nor Tinder Gold premium membership is not worth giving it a try. There are many dating sites out there that can offer you bang for the buck experience.

Stick to basic Tinder, or better yet, try out these amazing dating sites for free!

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