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BlackCupid is a popular dating service aimed for African-American singles across the world. But it does not mean that it is only exclusive to black singles. It is also open to anyone who is interested in 'black dating', 'ebony dating', or just simply interested in meeting new people. It provides a friendly and welcoming environment for anyone with a diverse background. 

With hundreds of new members signing up each day, and a large online community with unique backgrounds, you will definitely have a lot of matches to choose from. You can browse through the site and find someone who fits your preferences anytime, anywhere. 

All members are free to make sparks fly and show interest to any of their matches on this site. But you should keep in mind that messaging other standard members, and keeping in contact with them can get tricky and might come with a price. 

BlackCupid Member Structure

500 from Singapore
Members activity
250 daily logins
Gender Proportion
19 %
81 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • 120,000 site visits per month
  • Hundreds of active members daily
  • Hundreds of new members joining every day

BlackCupid is dominated by men, getting more than 80% of the population. This means that there are more options available for women, and a higher chance for them to find a perfect match. But regardless of which gender is dominant, the site's membership scope still includes an appealing profile of beautiful people that are waiting to meet you. 

Majority of the members are in their mid-30s to early 40s, or those that are in their settling age. This suggests that the site caters to people who are into serious relationships and are looking to find "the one". 


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at BlackCupid

BlackCupid Registration
  • People can sign up using their email or Facebook accounts
  • Can add up to 5 pictures (photos need to be verified after uploading)
  • Sign-up process takes around 3-5 minutes

BlackCupid keeps their registration process quick and simple. It does not ask to answer a personality test, making it easier for its target audience to sign up. With few personal information and a valid email address, you can now enjoy viewing your matches. It is the perfect site for people in their late 30s to 40s. You have to take note though that setting up pictures on your profile requires patience. After uploading a photo, you still have to wait until it gets verified before it appears on your profile. Photo guidelines you need to remember: Good lighting, shows your face, and NO nudes!

Making Contact on BlackCupid

BlackCupid Match Overview
  • Filters for matches are available for free.
  • You can easily edit your match criteria based on your preferences.
  • Free users cannot view messages from another free user
  • Users can show interest to any of their matches.

Some people would like to categorise BlackCupid as a premium dating site. But you can actually enjoy it even without upgrading to platinum or gold! One of the things you can enjoy for free is the different Match filters. You can sort your matches based on their relevance, their photos, when they were last active, and how recently they've signed-up. You can also take full control of the match criteria. That means you can adjust the site's algorithms based on your preferences on "Appearance", "Lifestyle", and "Background/Cultural Values". But, it could be difficult for a standard user to start a conversation with a match. If you'd rather sign up for a free account, the easiest way to get a user to notice you is to "Show Interest". You can also send messages to other members, but take note, only premium accounts can view messages from a free user. 

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BlackCupid Profile Quality

BlackCupid Profile
  • Users can view other profiles for free
  • Screens suspicious profiles and suspends them from the website
  • The profiles are quite detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

If you are into detailed profile information, then BlackCupid is the best dating website for you. It offers a wide range of options for self-descriptions and match preferences which include information about your appearance, lifestyle, background/cultural values, interest, personality, a little about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. When you find a match you like, you can compare his/her attributes with what you like by clicking his/her profile. It will then show you a side-by-side view of your preference versus your match's information.

BlackCupid never fails to keep a safe environment for its members. It has a strict implementation of rules and are thorough in checking profiles. Once an account is found suspicious, the site immediately suspends or terminates the account. To avoid getting suspended, all you have to do is verify your account by providing a valid ID.

BlackCupid App

BlackCupid App
  • Website has a mobile adaptive design
  • Mobile website will automatically lead you to a list of recommended matches.
  • Has a simple and user-friendly mobile interface
  • Available in GooglePlay
  • Not available for iOS or Windows phone

The App version for BlackCupid is only available for GooglePlay. But the interface for the app and the mobile view are almost the same. The "Match List" focuses on the displayed picture of a member. If you want to see more about a match, you have to click his/her name to see the profile view. Their profile will also have a simplified version of the side-by-side comparison to your preferences as seen on the desktop view. 

One downside, it is not available for iOS and Windowsphone. But no worries! Since the mobile adaptive design for BlackCupid is very good. Upon logging in, the site will lead you to a recommended match list. This will serve as your homepage. Everything in the mobile view is similar to the desktop view, so there are only a few adjustments to make.

BlackCupid Real Life Review

"I have been a BlackCupid member for quite a while now and I'm loving it so far. It is a very simple site and easy to use. I have tried a lot of sites already and my friends can attest that I am picky when it comes to these kinds of stuff. 

Honestly, this is one of the few sites where I feel accepted and comfortable being myself. The friendly environment and their good security measures is a big plus. Their verification process is a bit hassle but it was worth it. I have gained a few friends and has started dating some of the matches I had (Luckily, I was able to catch the attention of some premium users!). My fingers are crossed, I hope I find the one for me here!

I'm thinking about upgrading my account anytime soon since premium accounts have access to useful features. But I can't decide whether to choose Gold or Platinum. I also wish they create a free app for iOS, it's just so much easier to have it anywhere you go." – Michael, 38

Design and Usability 

BlackCupid has a very simple and basic design, with tabs and buttons that are straight to the point and easy to understand. Its design layout is very friendly especially to the majority of their members (30s to 40s). Some millennials may not find its interface attractive because of the lack of gimmick and fancy designs. But its simplicity and the things that the site has to offer actually helps members to focus more on  getting to know their matches. The profile information, as well as the other pages, are concise and well-organised. It is easy to navigate and explore.

BlackCupid Costs and Prices

Free Services
Fee-Based Services
  • Communicate with all members
  • Live chat with instant messenger
  • Send and receive messages
  • No ads
  • Hide your profile and browse anonymously
  • Rank above other members
  • Double your profile space
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • Exclusive search features
  • Advanced matching algorithms

Is BlackCupid expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers BlackCupid is average.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Premium Gold
Communicate with all members, Live chat with instant messenger, Send and receive messages, No ads, Hide your profile and browse anonymously
1 Month29.98 SGD / Month29.98 SGD
3 Months20.00 SGD / Month59.99 SGD
12 Months10.00 SGD / Month119.98 SGD
Premium Platinum
Communicate with all members, Live chat with instant messenger, Send and receive messages, No ads, Hide your profile and browse anonymously, Rank above other members, Double your profile space, VIP profile highlighting, Exclusive search features, Advanced matching algorithms
1 Month39.99 SGD / Month39.99 SGD
3 Months26.66 SGD / Month79.98 SGD
12 Months12.50 SGD / Month149.99 SGD
BlackCupid Price
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Standard members can only enjoy a few of its features like Basic Matching, Show Interest, and Messaging with paying members. Though it is still possible to enjoy your online dating experience with a free account, an upgrade is recommended.

BlackCupid offers two different premium accounts, the Gold and the Platinum. When you upgrade to a Gold account, you will have the privileges to communicate with any member regardless of their membership status, send and view messages through Instant Messaging, and anonymously browse for matches. While Platinum accounts has the Gold's privileges and access to more site features like the Advanced Matching Algorithms, VIP Profile Highlighting, Higher Match Ranking, and more! 

The membership payments are available in most currencies. Membership subscriptions are automatically renewed and billed unless you change the settings and cancel the "Automatic Membership Renewal" in the settings on your homepage. In comparison to other dating sites, BlackCupid's cost is average.

Special Features

You might ask what makes BlackCupid special compared to other dating websites. Well, aside from the fact that they mostly cater to black singles, they also have cool features that make them stand out. And you know what's better? These features are free for all!

Show Interest

This is a heart-shaped icon beside a user's picture. It is located right next to the message button that allows a user to drop hints of interest towards another member. It is a form of icebreaker between two people and is a good way to start a conversation.

Your preference vs. Your match's profile

BlackCupid has a feature that makes profile comparison easy for its users. If you visit the profile page of your match and scroll down to "About (Name)" you will see a list of information about him/her. Beside it is the list of information about your preferences. With this, you can see and rate how qualified the proposed match is to you.


This function can help your profile gain more attention. It can also help in finding someone you have common interests with. This is similar to "hashtags" but instead of using the popular "#" sign, you simply type in words that describe you, your hobbies, or things that interest you the most. You can add five or more tags to your profile. 

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
App: 3.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
Overall, BlackCupid has captured the simplicity of dating. From its design and down to its features, everything is simple yet very functional and straight to the point. The site may not be appealing to younger audiences due to its old-looking layout, but the detailed information on each members' profiles makes up for it. BlackCupid has made itself a place where everyone is welcome to be honest about themselves, and where people are not afraid to say what they are looking for. Majority of its members are serious about finding the person they want to share their lives with. BlackCupid keeps its site free from scams and fake accounts as well. Because of its high security, it may be considered, a safe and secure environment where people can fall in love. Sign up now! Your match is waiting for you.
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BlackCupid FAQ


Who owns BlackCupid?

BlackCupid is owned by Cupid Media Pty Ltd. Cupid Media first launched in 2000, developing database-driven dating sites. It is currently the leader in online dating service providers, connecting singles worldwide.

Who can join BlackCupid?

BlackCupid is not exclusive to the African-American community. Its services are open to all single men and women who are interested in Black-dating. Anyone who is 18 years old and above can sign up and find their match here.


How do I contact other members as a Standard member?

Standard members can send interest to other members regardless of their membership status. But exchanging messages is only applicable to standard members who are first messaged by premium accounts.

What does "Show Interest" mean and how does it work?

The "Show Interest" feature is a heart-shaped clickable icon near a member's photo. If you find someone you're interested in but are not ready or able to send a message yet, you can click this button instead and that person will be notified that you like him/her.

How do I add to, view, or delete my Favourites?

  • To add a member to your Favourites list, click the "Add Favourites" link or icon on the member's profile.
  • To view your Favourites list, go to your member homepage found in the "Activity Menu" and choose "My Favourites".
  • To delete someone from your list, open your Favourites list then click the tick box above the photo of the member/s you want to remove, and click "Delete Favourites".

If you want to completely clean up your Favourites List, you can click the "Select All" button located on the upper portion of the page, then click "Delete Favourites"

How do I add a photo to my profile?

BlackCupid offers different ways to add a photo. From your photo management page, you can either choose to upload a photo from your PC or grab photos from your Facebook account.

How do I translate profiles?

The "Member Overview" and the "Seeking" section should be automatically translated according to your language preference. However, page translations may also be affected by your language preference and by the language reference of the person you are viewing. 

If you're language preference is English and the language preference of the member you are viewing is French, the profile will automatically be translated for you. But if the language preference of the person you are viewing is English but writes their profile in a different language, then their profiles will not be translated for you. 

Can I translate text in the Instant Messenger?

There is a translation tool available in "Instant Messenger" for Platinum members. If you are a Gold or a Standard member, the translation tool is only available in translating messages you receive from Platinum members. 


Is BlackCupid for free?

You can use BlackCupid as a standard member (free account). But free accounts will not have complete access to all the site's features. Upgrading to a premium account is highly recommended.

How do I cancel my auto re-billing?

To cancel auto re-billing, go to "Settings" on your homepage, then choose "Billing", and click the "No" option next to "Auto Renew my Membership?". Click "Save" and confirm your choice. Your auto re-billing should now be switched off. You can always revert back to "Yes" at any time.

How is my payment information kept secure?

All transactions made through BlackCupid are safe and secured by an SSL encryption. It is validated by the Thawte Trusted Site Seal and obtains McAfee SECURE Certification. They do not release or sell your personal information to any unauthorised party.

Safety and Site Requirements

How do I report abuse?

You can report abuse from different areas of the site: 

  • Click the "Report Abuse" link that appears while reading their messages
  • Go to the member's profile and click the "Report Abuse" button
  • In Instant messaging, find and click the "More" menu and you will find an option to "Report Abuse"

How do I protect my privacy?

In order to protect your privacy and at the same time search for your match, a different email for online dating can be used. There are many free email providers like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

What browser and system settings do I need to use requires the latest versions of your internet browser and Flash Player, an updated and enabled Java, enabled Cookies, and a disabled Pop-blocker.

I keep receiving the message "Your session has timed out."

Your session times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Incorrect browser settings may also cause session timeouts.

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