CooMeet Review July 2024

CooMeet claims to provide one-on-one video and audio calls from verified sexy singles. Stick around to find out if it's true.

5,000 Members
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 65 % ♂ 
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CooMeet in 10 seconds

  • CooMeet is the go-to video chatting platform for people looking for casual conversations with random like minded individuals
  • Pool of sexy singles ready to mingle
  • No ads on both mobile app and website version giving users stress free surfing
  • Users can only do a profile search when video is activated
  • The platform offers fully packed premium membership for quality video chat experience. Click here for more information
  • Male users can easily skip uninteresting profiles making skimming through profiles quicker. Learn more about community here
  • Ladies should have a valid passport during registration
  • Automatically updates users profile pictures during video calls to prevent fake identity
  • Allows users to report and block suspicious or scam accounts
  • You can use CooMeet for free Test now for free
  • Pricing starts at US$1.99 / Day - More Information Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
CooMeet is a live chat roulette site where people meet and converse with random sexy single girls on webcam. So while you can have a match that possibly ends up in a hookup or relationship, it is better suited for individuals looking to flirt and make new friends.

Who is CooMeet for and not for?

  • For male young adults looking for casual online relationships
  • People who are into the web cam and video chat culture
  • Erotic singles in search of like minded individuals
  • Those looking for serious & long term relationships
  • Ladies looking for meaningful connections with the opposite sex
  • Singles looking for physical hookups away from the virtual world
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CooMeet Pros & Cons

  • CooMeet has a simple sign up process
  • The app has a friendly user interface making it easy to navigate
  • Nudity and explicit content are strictly prohibited from CooMeet
  • Has very limited features for free members
  • Users can only conduct profile search when the camera is on
  • Lacks advanced search filter to narrow down search for matches

How does CooMeet work?

CooMeet How It Works
  • Video conversations with hot singles
  • Uses minutes & points as internal currency
  • Send gifts to members through gifting
  • Get free minutes & discounts as bonuses
  • Communication with models requires minutes

CooMeet is a video chat platform where members can chat with random hot, sexy, and attractive singles. It is free to watch and like video stories, but only premium members can send messages to users.

The site has unique features such as safe search and gesture check. In addition, CooMeet uses points and minutes as an internal currency.

How much does CooMeet cost?

Can you try CooMeet for free?

Is CooMeet expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers CooMeet is in the upper midfield.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Trial access
1 day+ 10 minutes
1 Day1.99 USD / Day1.99 USD
50% discount
6 months+ 100 minutes
6 Months4.99 USD / Month29.94 USD
Without discount
1 month + 20 minutes
1 Month9.99 USD / Month9.99 USD
CooMeet Pricing
Free Features
  • 5 minutes free video-chatting time
  • Like stories
  • Limited story viewing which is timed
  • Copy link to user profiles
  • Profile creation
  • Test now for free
Premium Features
  • Filtered search among other users
  • Adding friends
  • Reading messages promptly
  • VPN or Proxy IP use
  • Unlimited story viewing

New users get a discount when signing up for a premium membership. The best part is CooMeet doesn't renew or charge fees automatically. 

Members can purchase extra minutes at an additional cost in case they run out of minutes before the end of the payment period. Extra minutes are charged differently as compared to premium packages. 

CooMeet also offers a refund on unspent minutes if you discontinue your premium membership. However, members have to cater for taxes and contributions during refunds. In addition, users can be granted bonuses in the form of minutes, discounts, or internal currency for different bonus programs.

All prices are set in USD.

How can I delete my CooMeet account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is signed up on CooMeet?

5,000 from Singapore
Members activity
1,349 active weekly
Gender Proportion
35 %
64 %
  • There are more males than females
  • Majority of users are aged 25-34 years old
  • More than 1 million worldwide members
  • Members are from all over the world
  • Most users are after casual conversations

CooMeet is an online live video chat roulette platform for individuals looking for casual online relationships. Most members are males between the age of 25 and 34 from all over the world, ready for video conversations with erotic single girls. 

Communication on Coomeet is easier thanks to the site’s direct-message translation feature that supports 15 languages.


CooMeet Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+
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CooMeet in Detail

  • Reading time 16 minutes
  • Lots of insider information for more success

How to Sign Up for CooMeet

CooMeet Sign Up
  • Multiple sign-up options enabled
  • Users must agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before sign-up
  • Username and age fields required during sign-up
  • Sign-up process takes less than 5 minutes
  • Profile photo upload not required

CooMeet sign-up process takes less time compared to other dating sites. However, since the site has a strict under-18 policy, all users must agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before signing up. 

During registration, you are presented with two main options. First, you can choose to enter your email address directly. The second option is to sign up using Google, MSN, Facebook, Yandex, or VK accounts. 

To create an account, select your gender and add a username and age, and you're set and ready to start searching for your match!

The process takes less than 5 minutes. It may be faster if you're familiar with dating sites. You may upload your profile photo or change your username once in the account.

Making Contact on CooMeet

CooMeet Contact
  • Premium users can filter searches
  • Only men choose girls they want to talk to
  • Members can group messages
  • Most users are after casual communication

    The CooMeet chat function is limited to premium members. After receiving a message, free users have 24 hours to upgrade to premium and read it; otherwise, the chat is deleted. The platform can also translate incoming messages directly into different languages. In addition, users can contact customer support by starting a live chat under messaging.

    Premium members can send gifts in the form of internal currency, which can be converted into money by the recipient. 

    To start searching for a match, you must have your camera activated. The platform tailors profile searches according to your location. VPN or Proxy IP use is limited to premium members. Because there are plenty of girls online, someone is most likely to match your preference.

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    CooMeet Profile Quality

    coomeet profile quality
    • Members can like other profiles
    • Users can see active members
    • Click the view icon to look at your profile as displayed to others
    • The profiles are not very detailed
    • Profile pictures are not visible to anyone for free

    Even after registration, members can add more information to their profiles. You're then provided a link to your profile which other users can use when doing searches. 

    Here is a list of information visible on your user profile: 

    • Username
    • URL link 
    • Online status

    However, to start searching through other user profiles, you must activate your camera.

    CooMeet ensures all profiles are verified through the avatar feature. The system automatically takes users' photos when signing up and during video calls. Using other people's photos is strictly prohibited.

    CooMeet App

    CooMeet App Screenshot
    • App available for both Android and iOS users
    • Free to download
    • Option to turn on notifications to display activities only related to your profile
    • You can categorize messages in the app into 5 different sections
    • Easy-to-use app with a simple user interface

    The CooMeet app is quite similar to the website version. The interface is straightforward, and you can easily see all features from the dashboard. In addition, there are no ads, thus allowing quick scrolling to meet your match. 

    You can easily view and like stories and add profiles through the app. However, regarding video chats, you might have a better experience using the website version on a desktop. 

    The app is free for both Android and iOS users. However, the cost for a premium upgrade is similar to that of a desktop.

    Special Features

    CooMeet has a couple of special features which enhance security in the platform.

    Safe Search

    Search functionality that eliminates users from nudity sessions. By disabling the safe search feature, users consent to view adult content.

    Gesture Check

    The feature prevents rebroadcasting of videos. Moderators can log into chat sessions and request users to repeat live gestures. Failing the gesture check can cause your account to be suspended.

    How can I delete my CooMeet account and cancel my subscription?

    Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.

    How can you cancel your Subscription?

    • You can cancel via profile settings
    • You can cancel by sending an email
    • You can cancel with customer support

    Will your subscription automatically renew?

    • No, your subscription will not automatically renew.

    Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

    • Yes, there is money back guarantee but you only get a partial refund

    How much time do you have to undo CooMeet purchases?

    • You have 20 Days to refund your CooMeet purchase if you don't like it.

    CooMeet offers a partial refund. Members can cancel their premium membership and get a refund equal to the unspent minutes. Unfortunately, bonus minutes cannot be converted into money during refunds.

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    CooMeet FAQ


    When was CooMeet launched?

    The platform was founded back in 2017.

    Is CooMeet a hookup app?

    It is more of a fun, affordable live video chat app connecting you to beautiful girls worldwide.

    Does CooMeet have an app?

    Yes, CooMeet has an Android and iOS app available for free download on Play Store and App store, respectively.

    Where is CooMeet headquarters?

    The headquarters are located in Watford, England.

    Are there ads on CooMeet website?

    The platform prides itself on being an ad-free site free from bots or spam.

    What is the average age of users on CooMeet?

    The average age of CooMeet users is between 31-38 years. You can find more information here


    What are CooMeet's minutes?

    Minutes are in-app credits given to users after purchasing a premium subscription.

    Does CooMeet offer discounts?

    Sometimes, CooMeet offers up to 50% discount on their premium packages. In addition, members can also get internal bonus currency to use on the site.

    Can you try CooMeet for free?

    How much does CooMeet cost?

    CooMeet typically costs between 1.99 USD and 29.94 USD. Compared to other dating services, CooMeet's membership costs is in the upper midfield. You can find more information here

    How much does it cost to sign up on CooMeet?

    You can sign up for CooMeet and use its basic features for free. To use CooMeet's premium features you must upgrade. You can find more information here


    Is CooMeet safe?

    The platform is committed to ensuring user safety by paying close attention to moderation through verifying accounts. All girls are required to provide valid passports during registration.

    Can you report users on CooMeet?

    Yes, you can report fellow users for violations such as harassment or threats, deception for gifts, child endangerment, spam, and nudity.

    Does CooMeet sell your data?

    No, CooMeet does not sell your data.

    Was CooMeet hacked in the past?

    No, CooMeet was never hacked.

    How accurately does CooMeet track your location?

    CooMeet tracks your approximate location.

    Do your CooMeet profile pictures or profile information appear in Google Search Results?

    No, your CooMeet photos and personal information will not appear in Google Search Results.

    Who can view your pictures on CooMeet?

    All CooMeet users can view your pictures.

    Is your phone number required for signing up at CooMeet?

    No, you don't need a phone number to sign up on CooMeet.

    Can you erase your personal data on CooMeet?

    Yes, CooMeet provides an option for users to erase their data.

    How can I delete my CooMeet account and cancel my subscription?


    Is CooMeet registration free?

    Yes, registration is free. However, to fully enjoy the site, you must upgrade to a premium membership.

    Can you cancel CooMeet membership?

    You can easily cancel your membership or permanently delete your account anytime.

    How can you pay for CooMeet premium membership?

    CooMeet accepts payment via several methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, MNP, and even Bitcoin.

    Do you have to set up all your CooMeet account details upfront?

    After signing up for the platform, you can add a profile picture, username, and other account details.

    Are card details required when setting up a CooMeet account?

    You just require a valid email address and password when setting up an account. You can add payment details when upgrading your account to a premium membership.

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