IAmNaughty Review July 2024

IAmNaughty is a casual dating site that aims to bring you like-minded singles near you. If you are interested in a no-strings-attached relationship, this might be the site for you. Is this site worth checking out? Read our review!

2,000 Members
 30 % ♀ 
 70 % ♂ 
Good For:
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Success Rate:
30 / 10
38 / 10
33 / 10
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IAmNaughty in 10 seconds

  • Dating site for naughty singles looking for casual fun
  • Majority of members are younger and straight
  • 3-day premium package available for those who want to try out the perks of being a premium member
  • There are some fake profiles that don’t get suspended even when reported
  • Send 5 free chats per day
  • No mobile app available to download
  • You can use IAmNaughty for free Test now for free
  • Pricing starts at SGD 17.00 / Month - More Information
Datingscout.sg Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
IAmNaughty offers no-fuss basic functions only for a few dollars to get you what you need. The 3-day premium membership package gives you a chance to test the waters without breaking the bank. If you are looking to have fun, IAmNaughty may be worth giving a try so sign up now.

Who is IAmNaughty for and not for?

  • People searching for erotic adventures and casual encounters
  • Singles looking for casual dating with no strings attached
  • Those looking for quick hookups with people nearby
  • People looking for serious relationships and deep commitments
  • Women who have conservative sexual beliefs and values
  • Singles who don't want to explore their sexuality in non-traditional ways
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IAmNaughty Pros & Cons

  • Get 5 free chats per day
  • Members disclose what they are looking for in the site
  • High member activity
  • Registration is quick and easy
  • No mobile app available to download
  • Profiles do not contain much information
  • Fake profiles are not suspended despite being reported

How does IAmNaughty work?

how it works
  • Matching feature based on your profile
  • User's profile contains many details to help you choose someone compatible
  • Send interests to other profiles
  • Increase profile visibility by up to 10x by uploading a photo

IAmNaughty works by providing matches to its members that are based on their dating preferences and personal information. It also has an extensive search function that will allow you to search for a user's appearance, lifestyle, background, and cultural views. You will also get a section where you can write about yourself. Note that profiles with profile photos have 10x more visibility than empty ones.

Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free; however, other uploaded photos are only accessed with a premium membership. When you visit a profile, you can like them or add them to your favorites. Communication is limited when your account is free.

How much does IAmNaughty cost?

Can you try IAmNaughty for free?

Is IAmNaughty expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers IAmNaughty is average.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Full Member
1 Month24.99 SGD / Month24.99 SGD
2 Months21.00 SGD / Month42.00 SGD
3 Months17.00 SGD / Month51.00 SGD
iamnaughty price
Free Features
Premium Features
  • Unlimited chat
  • Viewing full-sized photos
  • Browsing photo albums

You can get the 3-day premium membership package for 3.27 SGD As a full member, you will be able to do the following functions:

  • Send unlimited chats
  • View main photos in its full size
  • Unlock the "Looking for" info
  • Unlock the extended search filters
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • Share photos and videos in chat

How can I delete my IAmNaughty account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is signed up on IAmNaughty?

2,000 from Singapore
Members activity
1,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • In order to register you need to fill out a personality test
  • Members are generally looking for sexual fun
  • The site is dominated by male users
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ are welcome
  • Most members are in their early 30s and 40s
  • Most members are heterosexual singles

Younger members flock to IAmNaughty for its casual dating orientation, typically used for short-term sexual relationships. Most of the members are straight men from younger to middle-aged groups.

IAmNaughty is not explicitly being advertised as a site for gay and lesbian men, but some members seek same-sex relationships, although they are only a few.

Most of the members hail from the United States, but it has an international community with people from different parts of the world.

Overall, IAmNaughty's membership structure is full of young, naughty people from different cultures.


IAmNaughty Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

New members at IAmNaughty in July 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at IAmNaughty are developing compared to others

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IAmNaughty in Detail

  • Reading time 16 minutes
  • Lots of insider information for more success

How to Sign Up for IAmNaughty

iamnaughty signup
  • Registration is fast and easy
  • Email verification is required
  • Gays and lesbian may join
  • You can skip most of the registration questionnaire
  • Uploading a main photo during registration is not required

Creating an account with IAmNaughty is free. It can also be done in just a matter of minutes.

During the process, it will require you to disclose basic information such as your age, gender, email address, desired password, and location. You may create an account as a straight man or woman, or a person who seeks a partner from the same sex.  Afterwards, you may answer their personality questionnaire but you can skip out most of it.

Your account will be successfully created once you have provided the required information. But you will not be able to use the account until you verify the email address that you used to register. To do this, you must enter the activation code to your email address on the space provided by IAmNaughty. 

You can also click the activation link on the email. Doing either will activate your account so you can finally use the site's features.

The site administrators screen every image uploaded on the site. You can skip adding the main photo during registration but in case you will upload one, make sure that you select a picture that shows your face and not other people. It will be checked for pornographic content, offensive gestures, copyright infringement, and personal contact details.

Making Contact on IAmNaughty

iamnaughty contacting
  • There is a chat function
  • Private messaging is a premium feature
  • Send 5 free chats per day
  • Send unlimited likes for free

    IAmNaughty likes to keep it basic on the communication features. You may use the chat feature to get in touch with other members. This is the only feature that IAmNaughty has where you can actually talk to other members.

    You can send photos and videos using the chat feature, which is a handy function to casual dating. This makes flirtations so much easier but it will only become available to you after upgrading your account to premium.

    As for the free things you can do in terms of communication, try out the Like Gallery feature. This works like a game where you judge another member's picture whether they are cute or not. Liking the picture is equivalent to saying that they are cute, so a notification will be sent to the other person if you do this.

    The Like Gallery is one of the features that will help you have more interaction with other members.

    The communication features are enough for you to interact with other people on the site. But relying on a free membership will not work out if you are after the naughty conversations that the site promises for its members to have.

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    IAmNaughty Profile Quality

    iamnaughty profile
    • There are ads inside the profile pages
    • There are fake profiles
    • Profiles contain limited information
    • Members can upload up to 3 photos
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    Profile pages won't help if you want to know another member's personality. The sections provided by the site are enough, but the members fail to fill them out with information. The generally-skippable registration process is a huge factor in this.

    But since IAmNaughty members are mostly after short-term relationships and hookups, the photo albums are often enough to know whether someone is a desirable partner.

    These are the following default sections that you will see inside an IAmNaughty profile:

    • Personal information
    • Photo albums
    • Location
    • Relationship preferences
    • Body attributes

    You can also ask a member to add more information by clicking on the "Ask to add more" button beneath each section. But you will need to have at least one photo do this. There are reports of fake profiles on the site since it promotes short-term relationships. When you encounter suspicious accounts, you can always report them to the site's moderators.

    IAmNaughty App

    iamnaughty mobile
    • There is no app yet
    • Access mobile version through your phone browser
    • You can create an account on the mobile version
    • Features are similar on desktop and mobile version
    • Access mobile version for free

    IAmNaughty doesn't have a mobile app at the moment, but all of its features are available through a mobile version of the site. You can open it using any phone through a mobile browser. Just go to IAmNaughty like you would using a desktop and the site automatically translates into the mobile version.

    Special Features

    IAmNaughty has a lot of features and services to get your casual dating game on. Take a look at these features:

    Like Gallery

    Browse the best photos and decide whether they are hot or not using this feature. It is open to everyone.


    Get a preset message that you can send to lots of people who match your search parameters, at once. Choose the line by clicking on the round arrows and pressing the "Send now" button.


    Share what you are thinking about at the moment.

    How can I delete my IAmNaughty account and cancel my subscription?

    How can you cancel your Subscription?

    • You can cancel via profile settings
    • You can cancel by sending an email
    • You can cancel with customer support
    • You can cancel via fax

    Will your subscription automatically renew?

    • Yes, your IAmNaughty subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 3 Days.

    Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

    • Usually you will not get back the full amount, it will be reduced by the time or credits you used for IAmNaughty.
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    IAmNaughty FAQ


    What is the difference between deactivating and removing my account on IAmNaughty?

    When you deactivate your account, it will no longer be billed but your profile will remain on the site. However, if you remove your account, your profile will be removed from the system so that it is no longer visible to others.

    What happens to my IAmNaughty profile after removing?

    Removing your account means that all your photos and personal information will no longer be available to other members. You will not be able to contact anyone on the website and you will lose all your benefits if you choose to remove your account.

    What is the average age of users on IAmNaughty?

    The average age of IAmNaughty users is between 33-40 years. You can find more information here


    How many messages can I send on IAmNaughty?

    With Full Membership, you can send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of users daily.

    On the other hand, having free membership has certain limits on messaging. You can send up to 5 messages a day to different users, and no more than 1 message to each user.

    How do I cancel my IAmNaughty subscription?

    To cancel your subscription and repeat billing, switch to the web version of the site and perform the following actions:

    1. Press your avatar in the upper-right corner of any site page
    2. Choose "My Settings" from the drop-down menu
    3. Press the "Billing History" and then "Deactivate subscription" buttons

    Should I register again to use the IAmNaughty service on mobile?

    No, you don't have to sign up twice. You can use the same login details as you use for the IAmNaughty.com website and there's no need to set up another account.

    What is the IAmNaughty Match Feed?

    In the Match Feed section, you can get updates on all of your potential matches from the last 30 days. Use this tab to find new friends and soulmates.


    Is IAmNaughty free for women?

    All females can join the site for free. Free Membership gives you basic access to the site. As females who are free members, you can reply to everyone's messages and send messages to all male members.

    Why am I receiving bills even after removing my IAmNaughty account?

    If you email the support team to remove your account, this does not mean that your monthly billing will automatically be cancelled. In order to remove your account, you need to cancel repeat billing first.

    Can I get a partial refund on IAmNaughty?

    Your request for a partial refund will be received by the support team through email and your issue will be investigated within 72 hours. Make sure that you have included the following information in your email request:

    • Your name
    • Date and sum of the transaction
    • The first four and last four digits of the credit or debit card that was charged
    • Name of the website
    • Registered email address
    • Reason for your partial refund request

    How long will it take before I am charged and my premium IAmNaughty account is activated?

    If you pay by card, the account will be activated immediately after the payment goes through.

    Can I change my IAmNaughty membership plan if I have already subscribed?

    A membership plan cannot be changed until it expires.

    Can you try IAmNaughty for free?

    How much does IAmNaughty cost?

    IAmNaughty typically costs between 24.99 SGD and 51 SGD. Compared to other dating services, IAmNaughty's membership costs is average. You can find more information here

    How much does it cost to sign up on IAmNaughty?

    You can sign up for IAmNaughty and use its basic features for free. To use IAmNaughty's premium features you must upgrade. You can find more information here


    How do I know if my message has been read on IAmNaughty?

    A double green checkmark in the chat window indicates that your message has been read. 

    What are the payment methods that IAmNaughty accepts?

    Most types of credit and debit cards are accepted by the site.


    How many times can I subscribe to a 3-day trial membership on IAmNaughty?

    You can only subscribe to a three-day trial membership once.

    What happens after I cancel my IAmNaughty subscription?

    Once your subscription has been cancelled, no more money will be taken from your account. You will remain a paid member until your membership expires.


    Does IAmNaughty sell your data?

    No, IAmNaughty does not sell your data.

    Was IAmNaughty hacked in the past?

    No, IAmNaughty was never hacked.

    How accurately does IAmNaughty track your location?

    IAmNaughty tracks your approximate location.

    Do your IAmNaughty profile pictures or profile information appear in Google Search Results?

    Yes, your IAmNaughty photos and personal information may appear in Google Search Results.

    Who can view your pictures on IAmNaughty?

    All IAmNaughty users can view your pictures.

    Is your phone number required for signing up at IAmNaughty?

    No, you don't need a phone number to sign up on IAmNaughty.

    Can you erase your personal data on IAmNaughty?

    Yes, IAmNaughty provides an option for users to erase their data.

    How can I delete my IAmNaughty account and cancel my subscription?

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