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Are you interested in meeting Eastern European women but don’t know quite how? 

DreamSingles is a dating website that gives you the opportunity to meet single women from Ukraine and Russia. Since its establishment in 2003, it claims to have successfully forged more than 10,000 happy relationships. Members of this website are vetted, reviewed, and verified as part of their anti-scam policy in order to protect all their members from fake accounts and catfishing.

This dating site claims to give its members the most genuine experience of finding their dream love online. The site uses a different technology and offers a wide range of services including live chat, live video, and email to emulate a real-life dating environment.

To see if it’s a real deal or not, we put on our thinking caps to investigate the authenticity of DreamSingles' claims. Read on our review below and see for yourself if this site is worth your time or not. 

New members at DreamSingles in June 2022 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at DreamSingles are developing compared to others

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DreamSingles Member Structure

800 from Singapore
Members activity
100 new members per month
Gender Proportion
88 %
12 %
  • There are more women than men
  • Focused on heterosexual dating
  • Majority of the members are Eastern European women
  • Thousands of eligible and confirmed profiles
  • Typical male user is over 30 years old and ready to settle down

DreamSingles gathers over 8.3 million monthly visits where the majority of them are coming from the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Unlike other dating sites, DreamSingles' user base is skewed towards women (who are mostly coming from Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Russia). There are significantly more female members than there are males. This disparity causes an increase in demand for men on the site, thereby making it easier for men to find a match. 

This dating site is perfect for those single adult men who are over 30 years of age and are looking to date and develop a lasting relationship with the woman of their dreams. Being a member of DreamSingles gives you the opportunity to meet Slavic women who are seeking to marry western men. 

DreamSingles caters only to those people who are interested in a heterosexual relationship as implied during the registration process. They can only provide matches for a man seeking a woman and a woman seeking a man. 

The website also strictly adheres to their Anti-Scam Policy which ensures that their members are real and will not try to extort and scam you.


DreamSingles Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at DreamSingles

DreamSingles Members Sign-up
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Basic information is required
  • Email verification upon signing up
  • No need for unique username
  • Must be 18 years and above to register

DreamSingles has a quick registration process that can be done in under three minutes. They only require a few basic information such as your gender and preference (man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man), email and password, your date of birth, and the country where you're from. After signing in, you will be asked for your first name and last name, before being redirected to a page asking more details about you.

In this section, DreamSingles would like to know more about your physical details (such as height, weight, eyes, hair), occupation, education, marital status, religion, and age preference of partner. The last part of this section is a blank space where you can write something more about yourself in 500 characters or less. You also have the option to skip it.

Once done, you are asked to upload a photo (you may upload up to 5 photos). These will be under review as DreamingSingles is explicitly against nudity ("nude photos are not allowed" is shown in bold and red letters on their upload photo page). Your uploaded photos will go live upon review. 

After creating your profile, you will be redirected to a profile gallery where you can browse through other members of your preference. 

Making Contact on DreamSingles

DreamSingles Contacting Members
  • Must have paid membership to get access to email
  • Messages and calls are billed separately
  • Payment required to interact with other users
  • Available translation services during calls and dates
  • Flirt and Like as attention getters

    Your free account in DreamSingles can only view, flirt, like other users' profiles, and nothing more. You can send a flirt message in a card type image to the member you find attractive and you can also visit their profile and read what they have to say about themselves. You can favourite or like their profiles so it would be easier to track those members that you are interested in. 

    Aside from these three, live chat and live video chat are two other communication tools that you can use. Their live chat in itself has different features: you can send emojis, send virtual gifts, and even use icebreakers to start a conversation. 

    But in order to maximise the website's elaborate platform and engage with other members, you will have to upgrade your bronze or free membership to one of the other four paid memberships: silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

    Once subscribed, you will gain access to communication tools and interactive features of the website. All paid membership subscribers will be able to enjoy the following perks: 

    • open unlimited emails
    • ten flirts per month
    • get 50% off on live chat, intro videos, and video letters

    However, the number of monthly introductions and follow up emails vary according to your paid membership subscription. These are the following monthly benefits you can get from your membership: 

    • Silver: 10 introductions and no follow-up emails per month 
    • Gold: 30 introductions and 10 follow-up emails per month 
    • Platinum: 50 introductions and 30 follow-up emails per month
    • Diamond: 100 introductions and 50 follow-up emails per month

    New members may enjoy a 3-day trial for free as long as they provide their credit card details. 

    Aside from upgrading your account, you can opt to buy credits. These credits will serve as your currency to be able to use communication and other tools within the website like the use of their translation services as some of the female members do not speak English. 

    For every communication tool that you use, there is a corresponding amount of credits that you have to pay. For instance, using your free account, when you send a message to another member, you will pay 8 credits per message.

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    DreamSingles Profile Quality

    DreamSingles Member Profile Female
    • No profile picture is shown pending verification
    • Cannot edit own profile while on review
    • Can view other members' full profile
    • Free flirt and like
    • The profile information can be changed later

    The information shown on your DreamSingles profile is reflective of what you have shared during the registration. If you skipped answering all the information asked during the registration, you will have to wait until the DreamSingles' team has reviewed your profile before you can complete it. It is advised that you answer all registration questions as your answers will be laid down in your personal profile.

    To view other users' profiles, you may click on the Profile Gallery section. You can also do a quick search based on user ID or your age preference. An advanced search option will allow you to add filters to your search based on all information gathered during registration (physical details to occupation to keywords). All your searches will also be saved. 

    Other features in the profile gallery are the "online now" (these are members who are currently online and available to talk to right away), new profiles, video chat, and intro videos. Clicking on these features will land you to a curated gallery of users with their main photos shown so you can have a peek of what they look like. You can see and check out those who are online and start chatting with them. You can click on their names and you will be redirected to their page. 

    You can view other members' full profiles and learn about them (their physical details, background, lifestyle, and beliefs about relationships and religion). Note that all of the user profiles shown in your gallery depends on the preference you indicated during sign up (gender and age preference). 

    However, if you are interested enough in a profile, you might want to ready your pockets as you would have to subscribe to DreamSingles' paid membership. In order to send a message, schedule a call, ask for a date, and send gifts and email,  you should have enough credits in your account. You can accumulate these credits based on the length of site membership or purchase them from the site.

    At the bottom of the profile page, a suggestion of members with similar profiles is also shown. You can click on their image in order to view their profiles. 

    DreamSingles App

    DreamSingles Mobile Female Profile
    • No downloadable application for either iOS or Android
    • Only accessible through the desktop website
    • No desktop application available
    • Mobile adaptive website
    • Minimal ads

    In terms of mobile presence, the DreamSingles website has no downloadable application for neither iOS nor Android phones. You may access the dating site on the mobile website. The same content and features can be accessed on both desktop and mobile.

    However, its lack of mobile apps may alienate younger user-base as navigating through the website using mobile phones can be tedious for them.

    DreamSingles Real Life Review

    DreamSingles is a site that's too good to be true! Once I logged in, I noticed that all other members are all women that match my type. Their profile photos look really good and seemed to have been taken professionally. However, it's often very difficult to connect with other members because, in order to talk to them, I have to upgrade my membership status. Even responding to chats from private messages also requires credits. It's just a shame because this site really seems like a wonderful site to find my perfect match but only made it difficult because I have to spend more money if I want to talk and chat with Russian girls. - John, 42, Civil Engineer

    Design and Usability

    DreamSingles' simplistic design is quite easy to navigate. Registration and profile creation can be done in a few simple steps. It is visual and it also conveys their services in a straightforward manner. Its menu bars and other options are laid out properly thereby making it easy to find. It also presents aesthetically pleasing photos of other members who are potential matches. 

    In terms of mobile usage, the website is adaptive to phone screens making it more accessible to members who are always on the go. With more than two-thirds of their members accessing through mobile phones, this adaptability is very handy.  

    Most features on the web desktop are also available on web mobile. 

    DreamSingles Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Browse through profile gallery
    • Search functions
    • Profile view
    • Save as favourite/Send like
    • Dating Tips
    • Access to Admirers and Match
    • Notification Message
    • Free Flirt
    • Test now for free
    Fee-Based Services
    • Introductory Emails
    • Follow-up Emails
    • Messaging
    • Virtual Gifts
    • Live Video
    • Live Chat
    • Open and Read Mails
    • Introductory Videos

    Is DreamSingles expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers DreamSingles is in the upper midfield.
    Test now for free

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    12 Months9.99 USD / Month119.88 USD
    12 Months29.99 USD / Month359.88 USD
    12 Months49.99 USD / Month599.88 USD
    12 Months99.99 USD / Month1,199.88 USD
    DreamSingles Membership Fee
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • Cheque

    Although registration and profile creation is free, most features of DreamSingles are paid. 

    Most of their communication tools can only be accessed if you have a paid membership subscription or you have purchased enough credits that you can use when trying to make contact with other members.

    For paid membership subscription, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

    1. Open/read unlimited emails
    2. Send introductions per month
    3. Send follow-up emails per month
    4. Ten (10) Flirts per month
    5. 50% off of Live Chat features
    6. 50% off of Intro Videos
    7. Free credits/free 3-day trial for 1st-time registrants

    The number of introductions and emails may vary depending on the membership tier you subscribed to.

    If you are subscribed to a lower membership tier, you may avail of a membership upgrade and pay the difference between your current membership and the high membership fee.

    However, if you wish to use other features not included in your paid membership package, you will need to purchase credits. Your credits will allow you to enjoy the other perks offered at DreamSingles.

    Depending on the number of credits you have, you will be able to:

    1. Buy gifts from the gift shop
    2. Send virtual gifts, photos, and icebreakers during the live chat
    3. View private photo albums and videos

    In order to engage and interact with other members, you would need to avail of paid membership subscription with varying tier as well as purchase credits separate from the paid membership to enjoy all of the other perks. But other features that are not under the membership subscription nor can be paid for by the site credits would require you to pay an additional fee.

    Other payment options for United States residents can be:

    • Money Order option provided that this comes from a US fund.
    • Cheque when subscribing to a 6-month (USD179.94) or 12-month (USD359.88) Gold Membership and balance is drawn from a US bank. 

    Credits Price List

    900 credits - USD379.00
    435 credits - USD199.00
    310 credits - USD149.00
    175 credits - USD99.00
    95 credits - USD60.00
    40 credits- USD30.00

    Serious Dater Program - USD9.99 for 30 days

    Special Features

    DreamSingles has many different special features to help you increase your chances of finding a match perfect for you as you use the site. The only downside to these features is that you would need to purchase them—whether for a new subscription or through your account credit.

    Serious Dater Program

    As the name of the program implies, the Serious Dater Program is for those individuals who are serious in finding true love on the site. If you join this program, you will get a badge and other members of the site will be able to see that you are looking for a serious long-term relationship and you're not there for short-term hookups. 

    For only $9.99, you essentially allow DreamSingles to have your profile

    1. Displayed first in the gallery
    2. Displayed in all members catalogue
    3. Distinguished with a Serious Dater Badge for 30 days

    Member Rewards

    Through the Member Rewards program, you can earn points when you use the features of the site such as sending flirts, buying credits, subscribing to paid membership etc. These points can then be redeemed for rewards. 

    You may click on the Member Rewards Program link found in your account options to view rewards, redeem earned points, and view your history.

    Gift Shop

    This type of special feature enables you to send gifts to other members. In this section, you may choose and send a gift or two to another member that you like. There is a wide array of gifts that you can choose from and a curated list of bestsellers, holiday gift ideas, flowers, perfume, and jewellery as well as other things like the latest phones and laptops, gift cards, etc. You can choose and sent it to the object of your affection. 

    Each gift has a corresponding credit amount that you can purchase so the DreamSingles team can forward it to the member. If you do not have enough credits to your name, you can always purchase more of these from the buy credits section.

    Schedule a Phone Call

    If you like a member's profile, you can schedule a call with them. Don't worry about the language barrier, DreamSingles can get you on a three-way call with a translator to help you communicate and connect better with the member.

    Schedule a Date

    In any relationship, dating is an integral part of it. In DreamSingles, you can request for a date with another member in their hometown. All you have to do is click on the Date Me option in their profile. However, to be able to request a date, you must be a member of DreamSingles for more than 3 months with at least 600 credits or a member for less than 3 months but with at least 950 credits. 

    Requesting for a date will set you back for 200 credits. Included in this dating service package are:

    1. Two-hour date
    2. Interpreter
    3. Date setup and assistance

    This service is also subject to IMBRA laws and personal disclosure is required.

    Beauty Contests

    Every once in a while, DreamSingles conduct a beauty contest to encourage members to vote for the member whom they think is the most beautiful lady member of the site. Members can also view full-body pictures and videos of the contestants for free.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 2.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
    App: 1.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 2.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    Datingscout.sg Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of Online Dating for Dummies
    Overall, DreamSingles makes true of its promise to connect you with your dream love. With more women registered, this site is perfect for single men who would like to find love with European women. This international dating site secures your data privacy and ensures that you are protected from scams and extortions with their Anti-Scam Protection. With their matchmaking algorithm, you can be sure that you get your perfect match. If you think this is for you, sign up and enjoy their 3-day free trial now. 
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    DreamSingles FAQ


    How can I match with a partner in DreamSingles?

    To be able to get a match, you would need to browse and check out other members' profiles in the DreamSingles website. If you find someone you like, you can favourite or like their account. If they like you back, then both of you will be in each other's Favourites Folder and that's how you become a match. 

    Is it still possible to edit my DreamSingles profile after it has been reviewed?

    Yes. You can edit your profile in DreamSingles and the changes you made are reflected immediately. But you also have to ensure that all of your edits are correct as it will again undergo the review process and until then, you won't be able to edit it until it has been approved.  

    What can I do with a DreamSingles account?

    With your free DreamSingles account, you can still browse and view full members' profiles. You can also send flirts or like their profiles. You can browse through other features like dating tips and beauty contests.


    How much does it cost for a DreamSingles paid membership?

    The cost for paid membership on DreamSingles depends on the tier you want to avail. It would cost you $9.99 per month for the base paid membership. 

    Does the membership fee in DreamSingles include free credits?

    For first time registrants, gold, platinum, and diamond paid memberships have corresponding free credits. However, your succeeding membership in DreamSingles will not have free credits anymore.

    How much does it cost to send gifts on DreamSingles?

    Depending on the gift you wish to send, the cost of sending one may range from hundreds to a few thousand credits. You can visit the Gift Shop located on the left side of your screen in the DreamSingles' website. There is a gallery of gifts you can choose from. 


    Is there a fee for liking or admiring someone on the DreamSingles website?

    When you like a profile or become their admirer, there is no fee required. However, when you try to contact them through chat, you would need to become a paid member of DreamSingles in order to do that.

    Does DreamSingles accept Paypal and other online services?

    No. DreamSingles only accept credit cards and money orders (provided that funds are drawn from US account).

    Can I upgrade my DreamSingles' membership tier at a lesser fee?

    Upgrading your membership is possible. However, upgrades on DreamSingles are not pro-rated so you still need to pay the whole amount of the tier upgrade of your choice. 

    Is there a way to pay for a DreamSingles membership subscription on a monthly basis instead of a one-time payment option?

    DreamSingles does not have this option yet. You can subscribe to a membership tier and you will have to pay for the entire 12 months' worth of subscription. However, you may opt to pause your membership subscription if you wish to in your account and resume after a certain period of time.


    Can DreamSingles ensure that my data will not be breached?

    With over 15 years in operation, DreamSingles does not have a single security breach issue. The site has several layers of encryption that prevents data hackers from stealing or misusing the members' data.

    How does the Anti-Scam Protection in DreamSingles website work?

    DreamSingles' Anti-Scam Protection aims to protect all of its members from scammers before they can even communicate with the Members. Their Confirmed Profile feature ensures that you are talking to a true and honest member and that an independent representative has verified the member's identity.

    How can I protect myself from scammers on DreamSingles' website?

    DreamSingles prohibits its members from asking for money and gifts through chats or emails. If this happens to you, contact the DreamSingles team to report this incident. Also, look for Confirmed Profile feature to the person you're talking to help ensure that you're not presented with false information.


    How do I create my own DreamSingles account?

    Creating a DreamSingles account is easy. Simply go to their website and fill out the information needed, upload a photo. You can start browsing profiles as soon as you have created your account and while waiting for the DreamSingles team to review and approve your profile. 

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