Skout Review July 2024

Skout was initially a social network during its inception in 2007. Currently, it is a social app that helps users find relationships, friendships, and networking circles.

25,000 Members
 35 % ♀ 
 65 % ♂ 
Good For:
4 / 5
3 / 5
2 / 5
Success Rate:
30 / 10
38 / 10
33 / 10
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Skout in 10 seconds

  • Skout is an online dating platform where singles can meet, chat, and go live
  • The platform is a great place for singles who want to meet new people and expand their social circles
  • Works by suggesting nearby profiles and allowing its members to search for potential matches based on preferences
  • Offers unique features such as 'Back Stage' where you can hide your photos and let members unlock them - Learn more here
  • The free version has many advertisements - Learn more here
  • Most profiles have incomplete information
  • The Skout community spans more than 180 countries and is available in 14 different languages
  • Offers free accounts and affordable credit points. See more here
  • You can use Skout for free
  • Pricing starts at SGD 14.98 / Month - More Information Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
With its many features and active members, using the Skout app can be very enjoyable. But not for people who want a dating or hookup site. Even though it is primarily advertised as a dating service, Skout is also filled with people who are looking for something less romantic.

Who is Skout for and not for?

  • For people who are looking for community building and friendships
  • For singles who are looking for romantic relationships
  • For people who want to extend their social circles
  • Not for people who are looking for erotic adventures
  • Not for cheating partners
  • Not for people who only want casual dates
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Skout Pros & Cons

  • The app is available for iOS and Android users
  • Has an active pool of users all over the world
  • Offers many interesting features
  • Many profiles have incomplete information
  • The free version keeps on advertising its sister app Meet Me
  • The app's user interface is a bit hard to use

How much does Skout cost?

Can you try Skout for free?

  • You can use or try the service for free.
  • All members can send messages for free
  • You can read the first messages in your inbox for free

Is Skout expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Skout is low-priced.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Premium Membership
1 Month14.98 SGD / Month14.98 SGD
Skout Points
3,150 Credits0.01 USD / Credit19.99 USD
8,400 Credits0.01 USD / Credit49.99 USD
18,975 Credits0.01 USD / Credit99.99 USD
50,000 Credits0.01 USD / Credit249.99 USD
Free Features
  • Register an account
  • See who checked your profile
  • Search profiles
  • Like and comment on members' public photos
  • Favourite members
  • Message members
Premium Features
  • No ads
  • Boost your popularity
  • Message directly to inbox
  • Your chats move to the top of your match's inbox
  • See who favourited you
  • Insights on potential matches

The website uses in-app currencies called Skout Points. You can use points to give gifts to another user, boost your profile to the featured users' list, and many more. Points can both be purchased or earned for free. All prices are in USD.

How can I delete my Skout account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is signed up on Skout?

25,000 from Singapore
Members activity
100,000 daily logins
Gender Proportion
35 %
65 %
  • Records over 3.4 million monthly visitors worldwide
  • Top visitors are mostly from the United States, Taiwan, and Australia
  • Males slightly outnumber females
  • Most users are 25-34 years old
  • Majority of the members access the website via mobile

Skout Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

New members at Skout in July 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Skout are developing compared to others

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Skout in Detail

  • Reading time 16 minutes
  • Lots of insider information for more success

How to Sign Up for Skout

Skout Login
  • You must be at least 18 years old to sign up
  • You can sign up using your username and password
  • You can sign up with your phone number
  • You can sign up with Facebook, Google, Apple
  • You must sign up to browse Skout

To sign up, visit the Skout website or download the Skout app. The app is available on iOS and Android. To complete the registration, provide all required information.

Required Information on Signup
  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Your Gender
Optional Information on Signup
  • Questionnaire about your ideal partner

Skout offers the following methods to verify your account:

  • Verification email (optional)
  • Security code sent to your phone number (optional)

Making Contact on Skout

Skout meet people
  • Messaging is free for all members
  • Messages are previewed first and accepted or rejected
  • Rejected messages will block the user too
  • Photo commenting and liking are free
  • Set profiles as your "Favourite"
  • All members can send messages for free

The Skout chat is unlimited for all members and available through the free search option. If someone new sends you a message, it becomes a message request first. If you accept the request, you can start chatting immediately. If you reject it, the message will be deleted and the user will be blocked too to protect your privacy. If you accidentally rejected the message, you can go to the "Blocked Users" section, unblock that person, and start chatting.

You can try out their dating game called "Blind Date." It gives the streaming host the ability to hear the "contestant" but they initially can’t see them. As the video chat progresses, the images become less and less blurred before being fully revealed at the end of the allocated time.

Both participants can then decide whether or not they want to make a match and continue the conversation privately.

Skout Profile Quality

Skout Profile
  • Profile photo is not required
  • Other information can be added later
  • Photos undergo approval before being uploaded
  • Members can like and comment on your current profile photo
  • Most profiles are only in their first names or nicknames
  • The profiles are not very detailed
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

Since users can start using the app without completing their basic information, you might find a lot of potential matches with unfinished profiles. Some do not even have profile photos, since it is not required. This incomplete information can extremely limit members' choices. Photos are bound for approval; if they do not meet guidelines, upload will be denied by Skout.

Skout App

Skout App
  • Available for iOS and Android users
  • The interface can be overwhelming and confusing
  • More features than the usual dating app
  • Free version has many ads
  • They keep advertising their sister app "Meet Me"

Both iOS and Android users can download the app. Profiles that are beyond your preferences (especially location) can show up in the recommended section. Sometimes, the profiles you click on in the search results are actual accounts from their sister app "Meet Me". You are then encouraged to download the Meet Me app as well to connect with that user, which can be annoying.

Special Features


Where you can hide your photos and let members unlock them. You set the unlocking price from 10 to 10,000 points. For every user that unlocks your photos, you get a portion of the points earned. Members who unlocked your photo can rate it from 1 to 5 stars.


A place where you let people know your personality beyond your profile. You can post interesting content such as photos or fun questions to engage people in conversation.

Shake to chat

Available in the Chat function of the Skout app. If you click on this feature and then shake your phone, you will be matched with a random user nearby. It is a gamble because you know nothing about the person, but the mystery is part of the thrill.

Skout Travel

Purchase a 24-hour ticket to travel to hundreds of cities around the world. Your phone will be set to that city which means all the features will be local to the city you travelled to. This gives you the opportunity to experience the culture and meet people from different cities.  


You are presented with different profiles suggested by Skout, and you can simply like or dislike the suggestions by the tapping the green check or red X mark. If you tapped the green check on someone who did the same to your profile, then it's a match.

How can I delete my Skout account and cancel my subscription?

Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.

How can you cancel your Subscription?

  • You can cancel by managing your app store subscription

Will your subscription automatically renew?

  • Yes, your Skout subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 1 Day.

Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

  • Usually you will not get back the full amount, it will be reduced by the time or credits you used for Skout.

Will your credits expire?

  • No, your credits do not expire.

Skout FAQ

Free Features

How do I get free points on Skout?

You can upload private photos - known as "Backstage" photos and set a price for other users to unlock them. For every user that unlocks your Backstage photos, you earn a portion of the points. Another way is checking the Skout blog because the creators regularly post contests and giveaways for free points.

How do I chat on Skout?

You can look for users in the Meet People section or by manually searching. Once you've found someone, click on the green chat box in the middle of their profile, and start chatting. 


What is Skout used for?

Skout is a social networking app which is used to connect to people nearby or all over the world. You can use it to find friends or romance.

Who created Skout?

Skout was founded by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom in 2007.

Where is Skout located?

Skout is based in San Francisco, United States.

What are Skout points?

Points are the in-app currency used in Skout. You can use points to give gifts to another user, boost your profile to the featured users list, and many more. Points can both be purchased and earned for free.

What is the average age of users on Skout?

The average age of Skout users is between 31-38 years. You can find more information here


What does Skout ID mean?

Your Skout ID is your username. It helps other members find you faster.

How do I change my name on Skout?

On the main interface of the app, swipe right to see the toolbar. Click on the pencil icon on the top right, and edit your name.

How do I search by name on Skout?

On the main interface of the app, swipe right to see the toolbar. Scroll down until you see "Find User by SkoutID", click that, and search their name or their Skout ID.

How do I log out of Skout?

On the main interface of the app, swipe right to see the toolbar. Scroll down until you see "Logout" and click on that.

How can I unblock someone on Skout?

On the main interface of the app, swipe right to see the toolbar. Scroll down and click on "Settings". Under "Settings", click on "Blocked Users" and click on the profile you want to unblock.

How do I know who checked me out on Skout?

The bell icon on the top right of the app serves as a Notification bar where you can see who checked your profile, among others.

Can Skout be used on a computer?

Yes, Skout is available on the desktop version.

Can I browse Skout without an account?

No, you cannot browse profiles on Skout without signing up.

What is needed to open a Skout account?

To open a Skout account, download the Skout App on your iOS or Android device or visit the Skout website. To complete the registration, provide all required information:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • User's Gender


How can I delete my account?

On the main interface of the app, swipe right to see the toolbar. Scroll down and click on "Settings". Under "Settings", click on "Deactivate Account" and confirm deactivation.

Can I reactivate Skout?

Yes, you can reactivate your Skout account and restore your data anytime by logging in with your name and password.


Why won't Skout approve my picture?

Your photo has probably violated their guidelines. You can either contact their customer service or upload a more conservative or sensible photo.

Why did Skout block me?

There could be various reasons since Skout is strict with their policies. You can check their Terms of Use page to see if you violated anything, or contact their customer service.

Will Skout post/show up on my Facebook?

Skout does not post on your Facebook account.

Does Skout sell your data?

No, Skout does not sell your data.

Was Skout hacked in the past?

No, Skout was never hacked.

How accurately does Skout track your location?

Skout tracks your approximate location.

Do your Skout profile pictures or profile information appear in Google Search Results?

No, your Skout photos and personal information will not appear in Google Search Results.

Who can view your pictures on Skout?

All Skout users can view your pictures.

Is your phone number required for signing up at Skout?

No, you don't need a phone number to sign up on Skout.

Can you erase your personal data on Skout?

Yes, Skout provides an option for users to erase their data.

How can I delete my Skout account and cancel my subscription?


Can you try Skout for free?

How much does Skout cost?

Skout typically costs between 14.98 SGD and 249.99 USD. Compared to other dating services, Skout's membership costs is low-priced. You can find more information here

How much does it cost to sign up on Skout?

You can sign up for Skout and use its basic features for free. To use Skout's premium features you must upgrade. You can find more information here

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Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
App: 2.5 / 5

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