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Part of the many dating sites operated by Together Networks Holdings Limited, WantUBad is a platform where singles can make friends and eventually fall in love. 

Since it’s from the same company, the dating platform looks similar to its sister sites such as IWantBlacks and QuickFlirt. In truth, even the functionalities are also the same at WantUBad.

Although some of these singles won’t back down from a hookup or two, they’re mostly after committed relationships. Does this sound like a good deal? Back it up a little. Reports claim that WantUBad has several bogus accounts in place. These fake profiles may be interacting with a member and can go as far as to scam them.

To find out if love or scam awaits at WantUBad, we took the time to learn every feature and cost of this dating site. Is it worth your time? Read on to find out.

New members at WantUBad in June 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at WantUBad are developing compared to others

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WantUBad Members

15,000 from Singapore
Members activity
9,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
35 %
65 %
  • Records over 65,000 monthly visitors globally
  • Top visitors are mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia
  • Most users are 25-34 years old
  • Users are mostly males
  • Most members browse the site using their mobile phones

Most of the users of this dating site are men in their mid-20s to 30s. Although almost evenly distributed, the majority of the women are in their mid-30s to 40s. It seems like members of all ages enjoy finding love in this dating site.

The top visitors of this dating site come from English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The website also has quite a following in European countries of France, Poland, and Ireland.

In terms of status, WantUBad is teeming with single men and women. They won’t say no to friendship, a date, or even a hookup, but ultimately, they want to say yes to a relationship.

WantUBad is also open to individuals who are up to non-heteronormative relationships. In a way, there’s supposedly a piece of everything for everyone in this dating site. 


WantUBad Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for WantUBad

WantUBad Sign Up
  • Must be at least 18 years old to sign up
  • 2-3 minutes sign up process
  • Sexual preference, age, email address, and location are asked upon registration
  • Email verification is required
  • Facebook registration is not offered

Signing up at WantUBad is just one form away!

The pretty straightforward process requires you to select your orientation and preference out of the four options: a man looking for a woman, a woman looking for a man, a man looking for a man, or a woman looking for a woman.

You will then need to select your age. Users should be no younger than 18 and can be as old as 78 to sign up and join in the fun of online dating.

Keying in your nominated email and password follows. Your location, which will be used to generate suggested singles who are near your area, will be geotagged. If for some reason, the tagged address is incorrect, you may manually input your location for more accurate results.

After a quick once-over to make sure you got everything right, select the “Join Now” button. An activation link and 4-digit code will be emailed to your nominated address. Note that you will need to verify your email first before you can complete your registration and take a peek at WantUBad.

Making Contact on WantUBad

WantUBad Contact
  • Sending messages is a premium feature
  • Browse members one-by-one through the Like Gallery
  • Send out “winks” for free
  • Add members to Favourites for free

Like the other dating sites operated by Together Networks, WantUBad doesn’t offer much in terms of features. To interact with other members, you have four functionalities to choose from. Three out of the four are accessible for all standard members.

  • Winks

Got your eye on someone? At WantUBad, you may start the interaction by sending a Wink. This function is free and can be used whenever you like what you’re seeing.

A member will be immediately notified after you sent a wink. Thus, if the feeling is mutual, the other party may wink back or even initiate a chat.

  • Like Gallery

Sometimes, seeing all the profiles at once may be overwhelming. It’s unfortunate, but you’re bound to miss a fantastic match when you skim. 

With the Like Gallery, however, you get to focus your attention on one person only. Check them out one by one and hit the heart button if you’re interested.

  • Favourites

If you would like to make sure you don’t miss out on anyone, you can save profiles to your Favourites list. As long as you don’t remove them, you may always look back and interact whenever you feel like it.

  • Chat

If all else fails, you can opt to be direct and send a message. However, WantUBad’s Chat function is paid, so you might want to consider upgrading your subscription.

If you’re not sure about this, WantUBad will give you five free messages. You can choose to spend all five on one profile or to split it for more coverage.

One thing we noticed at WantUBad is the instant messages and notifications we received. These alerts tell us several members browsed our profiles, sent us a wink, added us to their favourites, and event sent us a message. This is a good sign, right?

It could have been a good sign if only these profiles were interacting with a fully-furnished account. Ours was brand new, two minutes after we verified our email to be exact, so there was no time to add a photo, customise profiles, and whatnots.

This rather absurd interest in a profile so empty anyone would think it was fake, got us wondering why. We dived deep into the Terms of Use and found a clause that reads:

“To boost interaction between our members and to notify them of newly registered matches and their activity, we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop notification system and other communication channels, e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you. Activity Alerts will be marked in your inbox with a specific icon, and some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of messages and reply to them.”

We automatically assumed this clause pertains to the Site Admin, who WantUBad already disclosed was a bot. However, we can see all of the bot’s messages and even access the links shared there. For non-paying members, it's the direct messages that won’t be visible unless they upgraded their subscription.

Whether we signed up during a particularly slow and inactive day, or fake profiles is all there is at WantUBad is still unfounded. However, we did decide to move forward with caution and check every little detail the site has to offer.

WantUBad Profile Quality

WantUBad Profile
  • Reports claim that there are bogus accounts
  • Photos are regulated by the moderators
  • Easy to supply and edit information
  • Upgrade to view full-sized photos

    Even with a standard account, you can view most of the members' profiles. If filled out adequately, the details will be enough for you to make out what the person is like in terms of physique and qualities. 
    Viewing a member’s gallery and what they’re looking for at WantUBad won’t be for free, but the profile’s quite meaty with these details:

    • Basic Information

    This section is sort of like a header where the member’s primary photo, username, age, and location will be displayed. Apart from these details, buttons to send a like, start a chat, or add the member to your Favorites list will be here along with options to block or report the profile.

    • Personal Information and Gallery

    This part includes member’s orientation, hair colour, ethnic origin, and body type plus the photo Gallery, which, as stated, won’t be readily accessible for free users.

    • Preference and Location

    A member’s location can be viewed for free, but only paying members get to know what the profile holder is looking for at WantUBad.

    • Additional Information

    Details on a member’s physique, hobbies, vices, and professional life will be posted here. 

    Most of the profiles were empty save for the supposed member’s photo and required details (orientation, age, and location), which added fire to our suspicions. We did spot several profiles with more than one photo and took it as a positive sign that maybe members prefer to keep it private. 

    Also, customising your profile is a skippable process. You can postpone it indefinitely; the lack of repercussions, if you don’t add details, maybe the reason why members don’t bother completing their profiles.

    WantUBad App

    WantUBad Mobile
    • No mobile app available
    • Website can be accessed through mobile browsers
    • Features minimal ads
    • Easy to navigate

    Given that the members at WantUBad were relatively young, it was quite a missed opportunity that the platform did not have a mobile app. It would have been beneficial for on-the-go members so they can continue chatting and flirting even when they’re away from their computers. 

    The upside is that WantUBad did provide a pretty solid alternative with its mobile-responsive design. Members can sign in to their accounts with their preferred mobile browser and enjoy all the functionalities the web version has to offer.

    As mentioned, all the features are readily available in the mobile counterpart, as well as the colour palette used by the website. The transition from a bigger screen to a smaller, handheld one is not a cause for worry as the mobile version made use of icons and several tabs to make sure navigation is easy.

    WantUBad Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Registration and profile creation
    • Basic search
    • Viewing a member’s complete page
    • Sending winks
    • Adding members to favourites
    • Browse members through the Like Gallery
    Premium Features
    • Full access to “Looking For” information
    • Utilise the extended search
    • Viewing full-sized photos
    • Share photos and videos in chat
    • Enjoy unlimited chats
    • Premium Customer Support

    Is WantUBad expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers WantUBad is in the upper midfield.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    1 Month41.40 USD / Month41.40 USD
    3 Months23.10 USD / Month69.30 USD
    6 Months18.60 USD / Month111.60 USD
    WantUBad Cost US NZ SG HK
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    Payment discretion
    • Your payment will be shown on your card statement as pmts2do.com18889832328.

    Chatting won’t be possible without a paid account, so if it's real connection you seek, it might be best if you upgrade.

    Male and female members are offered two different subscription types. For female users, there are three subscription packages, and their option will depend on their utmost priority:

    • Chataholic: Be a popular member by topping search rankings 
    • Extra Security: Protect yourself while online dating thanks to features like HTTPS encryption, incognito browsing, and auto history cleaning.
    • Premium Dater: All the perks of Chataholic and Extra Security in one package

    Males are offered monthly packages covering 1, 3, and 6 months. Consider these deals as the male equivalent of the premium dater: men are allowed to access all the functions while topping search rankings freely. Since it’s a longer commitment, men can test the waters with an affordable 3-Day Trial. 

    Cancelling a subscription is quite easy at WantUBad. Log in and visit the “My Settings” tab first. Then check “Your Billing History” and click “Deactivate Subscription.” 

    Special Features

    There are several functions you can use to enjoy dating at WantUBad:


    A killer opening line does wonders, and WantUBad knows that. To help you get in the game, you can choose from several pre-composed messages which WantUBad will then send out en masse. That way, you get to interact will several people with just one message.

    Safe Mode

    Since the online dating world can be a dangerous place if you keep all details out in the open, WantUBad gives you the option to secure your accounts.

    If you set your account to ‘Full’ mode, only verified members could contact you provided that you verified your account first. If you’d like a little more room, the ‘Basic’ mode protects you from all suspicious accounts only.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you were not able to enjoy your experience at WantUBad, the Satisfaction Guarantee lets you try out dating sites operated by Together Networks for three days, all for free.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    App: 2.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    Datingscout.sg Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    With an easy-to-use website and no muss, no fuss functions, WantUBad seems to be a promising platform to find new acquaintances or true love. However, several reports question the authenticity of its members. WantUBad limited functions and included a Safe Mode to help ensure that the interactions are human-to-human. Is it possible to find love at WantUBad? Try and sign up now!

    WantUBad FAQ

    Free Features

    Can I sign up at WantUBad for free?

    Yes, you can sign up and customise your WantUBad profile for free.

    Can I send messages at WantUBad for free?

    The Chat function is only available to paying members.


    Is WantUBad legit?

    Yes, WantUBad is a legit website, and it operates globally.

    Who owns WantUBad?

    Together Networks Holdings Limited operates the website.


    How do I delete my WantUBad account?

    To delete your account go to “My Settings” and “Remove Account,” then follow the instructions to complete the deletion.

    How do I change my WantUBad password?

    Go to “My Settings” and select “Change Your Password.” Key in your old password, then your new nominated code before hitting save.

    How do I opt-out from the notifications of WantUBad?

    You will need to visit “My Settings” and then the “Notifications” section to deselect the notifications you’d rather not receive.

    Why was my photo rejected at WantUBad?

    Maybe you violated the photo guidelines. Before uploading, check the don’ts found below the upload photo button to ensure the image you have in mind will pass WantUBad’s moderation team.


    How do I cancel repeat billing at WantUBad?

    Log in and go to “My Settings.” You can click the ‘Deactivate Subscription’ from there.

    Why was my payment at WantUBad declined?

    It may be because you don’t have sufficient balance. If for some reason, this is not the case, you can get in touch with WantUBad’s customer service to work it out.

    How can I request a refund at WantUBad?

    To start the process, email these details:
    1) Your name; 
    2) Date/sum of transaction;
    3) First six and last four digits of the card that was charged; 
    4) Name of the website; 
    5) Registered email address; 
    6) Reason for your refund request


    Why are they prompting me verify my WantUBad account?

    Your profile may have been tagged as suspicious, thus the prompt. If you don’t want your account to get suspended, verify it immediately.

    How can I set my WantUBad account protection to "Full Mode?"

    Before you can set your account to “Full Mode,” you’ll have to verify your account first. You can do this by getting in touch with WantUBad’s support team.

    How do I report a suspicious profile at WantUBad?

    Go to their profile page and click the three vertical dots located at the upper left. Choose “Report” and follow the instructions. 

    How can I block another WantUBad member?

    Head over to their profile and click the three vertical dots. Click “Block” to complete the process.

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